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DR2:Case West (Katey)

Okay so am I the only person that is wondering where in the world is Katey during the events of Case West if it is considered canon. If it’s canon than Katey is still alive, and Chuck just left her in fortune city for the firebombing... WTF Chuck?
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The froztee penguin locker key

so i was playing dead rising 4 and i looked all over the thirsty amazon and i never found the key to the locker that unlocks the blue prints for the froztee penguin can somebody help me?
i need to find it
  • you didint look hard enough! >:C
  • did you read the wiki wrong?
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The zombies grab you way too much.

I have played Dead Rising 2 OTR since it was released on xbox 360 and now today i bought the original Dead Rising. And holy hell am i getting grabbed a lot. EVERY SINGLE ZOMBIE that you walk past tries to grab you. And every other zombie succesfully grabs you. I can not walk from Point A to point B without getting grabbed ten or more times. And every single time when you get grabbed you lose 1 whole block of hp. In Dead Rising 2 OTR getting grabbed is way less frequent. And when i try to do some evasive moves, the zombies still catch me and grab me. It is becoming unplayable.
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Slappy's dialogue

The dialogue for “Everyone knows Slappy” is a mess, I tired to correctly edit it but the edit got rejected, Do you think anyone can do something about this?
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Tragic ending not listed

There's a TE on a pillar in south Ingleton, near the Burn, Baby, Burn challenge that's not listed on the Tragic Ending page
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Dead Rising 2 item videos

there are a million videos of Dead Rising 2 items found here:

I added some of them.
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The Alternate Outfit in DR2 OTR

I don't know if I'm stupid, but I couldn't find anything about this outfit online. In case you don't know, the Alternate Outfit is an outfit in DR2 OTR that is basically Chuck's default clothes. The only way to get it, (Besides hacking), is to have a DR2 save on the same console you have DR2 OTR on. I just think it's kinda weird that it dosen't even have a wiki page.
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