.50 Caliber Pistol

The .50 Caliber Pistol is a rare gun found in Dead Rising 4. As the name suggests, it's a hi-powered handgun.

It's damage output is unmatched in terms of any single shot from any gun in the game that isn't a Combo weapon. However, the Assault Rifle has a higher rate of fire, and the Automatic Shotgun can deal more damage if every pellet hits it's mark, making both better for maniacs. However, the .50 Caliber Pistol can instantly kill zombies, fresh zombies, Looters, Survivalist, and Obscurist Soldiers not wearing Exo Suits on any difficulty, making it one of the most sought-after weapons.

Any human enemy can potentially be wielding one of these, but it's mostly used by anyone guarding an Obscurist equipment drops. Said Equipment drops can also have some. They are also sometimes found in safe boxes around Willamette.


Trivia Edit

  • The .50 Caliber Pistol is Big D's Gun from Dead Rising 3.
  • The .50 Caliber Pistol is the only gun that doesn't suffer a damage nerf on higher difficulties, but it does receive a slight nerf in multiplayer, however.
  • Exo Suit Troops tend to drop these guns when killed - ironic seeing how they can't use them.
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