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8-Ball is a victim in Dead Rising 2 appearing in Case 6-2: Last Stand, one of the soldiers under the command of Dwight Boykin who died during the rescue operation. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Case 6-1: Help Arrives[]

In Case 6-1: Help Arrives, 8-Ball was in Sergeant Dwight Boykin's battalion when the military came into Fortune City to rescue any survivors and to clear out the zombies. He was killed by the zombies.

Case 6-2: Last Stand[]

Having been killed by the zombies, Dwight was able to drag him down to the Underground with several other soldiers. Filled with insanity, Dwight called to 8-Ball to cover the left flank, later commenting on his efficiency.


  • 8-Ball shares the same model with Charlie Six, the dead solider in the ambulance in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, as well as with Jonesy, Shin, Curtis and the other soldiers who died in the rescue attempt.
  • Occasionally, Dwight Boykin will stop to talk to 8-Ball, leaving him open for attack.
  • 8-Ball could be a nod to Eightball from the film, Full Metal Jacket.
  • It is an inside joke among players that the fight against Boykin is so hard because 8-Ball covers the left flank so well, even though he is unable to due to not being alive to perform such an action in the first place when the player battles Boykin.