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ATMs (automated teller machines) are machines found throughout the game world in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. They are usually found in pairs, and can be destroyed for cash.

In Dead Rising 2, they will yield $2,500 each when broken. As they frequently appear aside one another, a single good swing of a sledge hammer or similar heavy weapon can break both in a single swing, allowing the player to net $5,000.

In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, ATMs always stand alone, and yield $500 each when broken. In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, each ATM yields $5,000.

If a player is using the Hacker combo weapon, they can retrieve $10,000 from each ATM, four times the normal amount of $2,500.


  • ATMs have approximately the same amount of hit points as a looter.
  • ATMs cannot be picked up.
  • Without the glow on the ATM, the Dead Rising 2 logo can be seen on the screen.
  • There is an ATM attack animation named "ATM bankrun", listed in the PC game file items.txt: