A Mother's Lament
Dead rising leah in riverside jewlers (2)
Location Riverfield Jewelry in Al Fresca Plaza
Start Time Time iconSeptember 19th, 5pm
Expires Time iconSeptember 20th, 7am
Survivors Leah Stein
PP 10,000 (Join)

20,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"I found a woman in the jewelry shop in Al Fresca Plaza. She's movin' around an awful lot. It almost looks like she's lookin' for somebody."
Otis Washington

A Mother's Lament is a scoop in Dead Rising.

The scoop takes place in Riverfield Jewelry in Al Fresca Plaza in the evening of the first day. A distraught and injured woman, Leah Stein, refuses to come out of the store she is hiding in and Frank must save her.


Upon arriving at Al Fresca Plaza, Frank West finds Leah Stein crying inside Riverfield Jewelry about her daughter, Grace Stein. When Frank speaks to her, she grabs him and hysterically asks where her baby is. After shoving the delusional Leah off, Frank offers to help look for Grace. Leah then admits that Grace has been eaten by the zombies and that her ankle was bitten. After Frank calms her down, she agrees to let him offer assistance walking and take her to the safety of the Security Room.
Dead rising a mothers lament redux 3 leah carrying

Leah is injured and walks very slowly with a limp. Frank will have to carry her. While Frank cannot use weapons or eat food while he is carrying a survivor, it is easier as:

  1. Frank doesn't have to deal with the terrible survivor artificial intelligence,
  2. Frank is less likely to be attacked, and
  3. the survivor will not be attacked unless Frank is attacked.


Conversation with Leah
Dead rising leah
Frank: What's the matter? Are you ok?
Leah grabs Frank and shakes him

Leah: Grace!? Where's Grace!? My baby! I want my baby back! Grace! Grace! Answer me! Where's Grace!?

Frank pushes Leah off.

Leah: Grace...

Frank: You got separated from your kid?

Leah: Grace is my baby...

Frank: I'll find your baby for you lady! First, lets get you someplace safe.

Leah: Just leave me alone!

Leah: They ate her. Those damn zombies ate my baby! Right in front of me...oh god, I've never heard her cry like that! Please... Just leave me alone...

Frank: What, you wanna to stick around with them? With the ones that ate your

little girl? Come on! I'm not gonna let you die here![1]


  • Leah's daughter, Grace, does not make an appearance anywhere in the game. This includes both Frank's notebook and the characters section of the game manual.
  • If Frank is in:
  1. the Security Room,
  2. the Rooftop,
  3. the Helipad, or
  4. Al Fresca Plaz



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