A Question of Law
Carrie Dialogue
Location Smith & Associates
Survivor(s) Carrie LeCroix
PP 20,000
"Yo. Some business lady out by the law office in Central. Looks desperate. And rich."
Jamie Flynt

A Question of Law is a side mission that can be triggered during Chapter 3 in Dead Rising 3.

Jamie will not call Nick about this mission until after he's met with Annie and Red at the hotel after the police station.[1]


Nick can find a very bitter looking Carrie LeCroix standing outside of her law firm in Central City. Carrie is an attorney who is aggravated about a lost briefcase which contained some important documents. Her ex-receptionist apparently stole the briefcase from Carrie, and she's now determined to get it back.

She will ask Nick to retrieve her stolen briefcase. Her receptionist can be found down the road from the law firm. When Nick finds the receptionist, she has already turned into a zombie. Kill the receptionist zombie and retrieve the briefcase. 

Once Nick brings the briefcase back to Carrie, she will join his party as a posse member. If she leaves the party, she can be recruited from any survivor bulletin board found at the safe houses.


  • While carrying the briefcase, Nick can use it to attack zombies, but he cannot throw it. The briefcase is also indestructible.[2]



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