A Sick Man
A Sick Man
Location Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics
Start Time Time iconSeptember 21st, 8am
Expires Time iconSeptember 21st, 4pm
Survivors Leroy McKenna
PP 25,000 (Join)

50,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"There's a guy hangin' out in the cosmetics shop in Wonderland Plaza. He doesn't look so good."
Otis Washington

A Sick Man is a scoop in Dead Rising.

Frank can find an injured man hiding in Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics in Wonderland Plaza during the morning of the third day.


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Leroy McKenna has a neck injury in Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics in Wonderland Plaza. It is the first store on the right as Frank leaves the Food Court. Talk to Leroy and he will join Frank's party.

Leroy attempts to hide the wound on his neck as he believes Frank will refuse to save him, leaving him behind. Despite the possibility that it could be a bite wound, Frank offers to bring Leroy to the Security Room.

Although Leroy complains of an injury, he's perfectly capable of walking on his own, and can even use a weapon.[1][2]


Conversation with Leroy
Dead rising leroy
Frank: It's too dangerous to be out here.

Leroy: H-H-Hey! You startled me! D-D-Don't do th-th-th-that to me!

Frank: You look a little sick. You feelin' ok?

Leroy: I-I-I'm fine. Just a scratch. N-N-No problem.

Frank: You're hurt? Where? Show me!

Leroy: Don't w-w-worry about it. Everything's f-f-fine.

Frank: We better get you taken care of. Follow me. We can treat your wound.

Leroy: I-I-If you say so.[3]


  • Leroy will constantly scratch his neck frantically, similar to zombies.
  • The unannounced scoop The Woman Left Behind with elderly Susan on the soccer ball starts at the same time as A Sick Man and is very nearby. Use a Queen to kill the zombies surrounding the soccer ball. Escort Susan and Leroy back to the Security Room through the Wonderland Plaza restroom secret shortcut.
  • Whenever he is back in the Security Room, you can sometimes see other survivors arguing and yelling at Leroy.



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