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"C'mon, Burt! I wanna go, too!"
—Aaron, on Burt and Frank making a deal.
"It's safe here, right?
—Aaron, upon reaching the Security Room

Aaron Swoop is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

He is found barricaded in a Weber's Garments clothing store in Al Fresca Plaza during the scoop Barricade Pair along with his friend Burt Thompson. When Frank West approaches Aaron is cowering in a corner, wailing and crying.

Barricade Pair[]

Aaron is found with his friend Burt Thompson inside a barricaded store in Al Fresca Plaza. When Frank breaks down their barricade to enter the store, Burt will attack him with a baseball bat under the impression that Frank is a psychopath. After Frank hits him back five times, he surrenders. Frank then explains that he is here to bring them back to the Security Room.

Rescue Aaron as soon as possible because Al Fresca Plaza is full of zombies. Frank has three hours before it becomes dark (7 pm), making the zombies become more aggressive. Frank will have only two hours to get Burt through Leisure Park before the Convicts appear at 6 pm.

Ronald's Appetite[]

After being rescued, he will wait in the room with the blue door. When Ronald Shiner complains about the lack of food, he rallies up the other survivors in the same room, including Aaron, to head out and look for food. If Frank does not stop Ronald's mutiny, Aaron will leave the Security Room along with the other survivors in the same room. They will no longer count towards the number of rescued survivors.

It's possible that he escaped Willamette with Otis and the others when the special forces arrived.

Infinity Mode[]

In Infinity Mode, Aaron is found in Cantonbury's at Paradise Plaza from 7:07:00 to 7:19:00 and is armed with Baseball Bat. In his equipment he carries a Push Broom, 2x4, a Boomerang, a Bear Mask and an Orange.


  • If Burt dies before recruited, it may prove difficult to get Aaron to join. He will often ignore Frank's presence, and Frank cannot talk to him until he says "Aaaagh! No! Get away from me! Don't kill me!" If this happens Frank can wait until Aaron decided to acknowledge his presence, leave the area and return, or simply leave him to die.
  • Aaron will often whimper and shout out "What are we doing here!?" while in the Security Room.
  • Aaron may commit suicide using a handgun when overrun by zombies, even if he was never armed with one during the escort.
  • For no reason, Aaron may be attacked by Kent Swanson, therefore forcing you to either leave Aaron to die or kill Kent with no PP bonus.[Verification needed]