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"Chuck! I just spotted my girl! Looks like she's in my huntin' store! You can get there first – do old Bob a favor and run over there and make sure she's okay!"
—Bob Blackrock

Above the Law is a mission in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. This mission involves a father looking for his missing daughter.


Bob Blackrock will not follow Chuck to the barricaded station until he is reunited with his daughter Darcie, remaining atop the rooftop of a shuttered building. While on the building Bob informs Chuck of new survivors to rescue. In the evening, a couple of hours before the military is scheduled to arrive, Bob spots Darcie hiding in his store, Bob's Fish 'n Hunt. Bob asks Chuck to bring his daughter to him.

Chuck meets Darcie, who tells him that she twisted her ankle and that Chuck should bring her dad to the store so he will know she is alright. Once the father and daughter are reunited, they will agree to follow Chuck to the Brockett Gas Station.



  • Above the Law is also the name of the mission in Dead Rising where Frank must protect four young women from the psychopath Jo.
  • This mission, with an end time of 8:34 pm, is the first case, scoop, or mission to have an end or begin time other than at the top of the hour.


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