Adam Kane
Adam Giving Speech
Voice Actor Aaron Douglas
Status Deceased
Job Special Forces Commander
Health 1,000
"We're doing this for America!"
—Kane to his team

Adam Kane is a psychopath in Dead Rising 3 and the main protagonist of Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle.

He is a Special Forces Commander who has been tasked with hunting and capturing the President of the United States. He has a strong sense of duty and is a strong patriot of America. He carries out his duties faithfully with the belief that what he does is in the best interests of the American people.

He believes that illegals are terrorists and they are responsible for "harming the American people".

Operation Broken EagleEdit

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During Operation Broken Eagle, Kane is heading into Los Perdidos with his team via helicopter, with direct orders from Gen. John Hemlock to capture the President and kill any illegals or "hostiles" (survivors). Although troubled with his team's orders, Kane's strong desire to carry out his duty did not deter him from his objective. When the biker gang attacks Kane's helicopter and most of his team is killed in the process, he heads to a military compound in Ingleton to continue his pursuit of the President.

After securing the military base, he sets out to capture the President and brings her back to the compound. After her capture, the President is intentionally zombified. Kane shoots her when she tries to attack a fellow soldier, but starts to doubt if his actions are justified. His commanding officer then orders him to destroy a large piece of evidence of Hemlock's army actions, of which he pretends to do, but in reality leaves the box of data untouched. He is then called to stop an intruder from freeing the imprisoned illegals at the compound before the DLC comes to an end.

Dead Rising 3Edit

While defending the compound where Annie is being held, Kane is defeated by Nick Ramos in an extended battle during the main story mission Defeat the Commander when Nick comes to rescue Annie and the rest of the group.

The Last AgentEdit

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While it seems he had been killed in the fight against Nick, the events of The Last Agent DLC reveal that Kane had survived, albeit badly wounded.

When ZDC Agent Brad Park investigates the Ingleton Taxi Company, he comes across a trail of blood which soon leads him to Kane. Unable to walk, bitten by a zombie, and still badly wounded, Kane had (against all odds) still managed to retrieve the black box that his commanding officer had previously ordered him to destroy. He confesses to Brad that President Paddock had been murdered by General Hemlock, and that this black box contains evidence of what the government had "really" been up to in Los Perdidos.

Kane gives the box to Brad and tells him to keep it safe. Afterwards, knowing that he would inevitably turn, Kane takes a handgun and decides to shoot himself in the head, but not before asking Brad to not think badly of him because he "was just following orders." After Kane dies, Brad momentarily glances back at his corpse and says "me too."


  • He's referred to as "Super Spec Ops" in the games files.
  • One of the optional side missions during Operation Eagle is to "cleanse" the illegal safe houses throughout Los Perdidos. This would mean that Kane's actions caused the deaths of many illegals, and enabled all of the safe houses to be overrun by zombies.
  • He seems to be heavily conflicted between following orders and doing what's morally right. 
  • He leaves his Combat Knives stabbed into the table where he pretended to destroy the black box, however Nick cannot retrieve them in the main storyline. 
  • He shares the same first name as Adam MacIntyre, a psychopath from the original Dead Rising.
  • Kane, Carlito Keyes (In the mobile version) and Hunter Thibodeaux are the only characters to be introduced as psychopaths, and then later become playable characters.
  • Adam Kane is similar to Carlito Keyes, as both manage to survive their respective encounters despite having their health reach zero. However, Carlito manages to escape, while Kane gets knocked out.
  • Kane is the first character in the series to be a main protagonist, and then become a hostile survivor.
    • Among Dead Rising 3's hostile survivors, Adam Kane is unique, as he's technically a Spec Ops soldier with the health of a survivor.
  • Considering how the psychopaths of Dead Rising 3 are themed around the seven deadly sins from the bible. Adam's surname may be a reference to Cain from the story Cain and Abel. This  is evident by Adam's massacre of the illegals which caused Angel Quijano's alcohol abuse. 
  • Kane could be considered some sort of antihero as in the beginning, he was more than willing to ruthlessly carry out the extermination of the illegals and the capture of the President. However, by the time of his death, he apparently shows deep regret and remorse for his actions. Admitting that he carried them out because he had long believed in a sense of patriotic duty, and a willingness to take orders no matter what, but eventually realized that blindly following orders wasn't morally right at all when Hemlock betrayed his country and used him to kill innocent witnesses. 
  • If Nick manages to rack up enough zombie kills to preform a skill move, he can use one on Kane, killing him instantly.


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