Agent Cornell

Agent Cornell is a character in Dead Rising: Road to Fortune where he is an agent working for the Department of Homeland Security.

He apprehended Frank West and Isabela Keyes after their helicopter evacuated them from the doomed town of Willamette. He had Isabela arrested and taken into custody and threatened Frank to do the same if he tried to interfere. Since he chose not to, he was then portrayed as a hero with the help of Homeland Security and received fame for his survival in Willamette.


  • Cornell works for the DHS, just like Brad Garrison and Jessie McCarney. What distinctly separates him from the other two is that he apparently already had some knowledge of Isabela and Carlito's scheme prior to the Willamette Incident. As such, he wasted absolutely no time in apprehending Isabela once she and Frank had successfully escaped the Willamette Parkview Mall.
    • How he obtained this information is unknown.


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