Survivor Alec
Location Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant
Central City (The Last Agent)
PP 7,500 PP (Dead Rising 3)
20,000 PP (Fallen Angel)
10,000 PP (The Last Agent)

Alec is a stranded survivor in Dead Rising 3.

He is hiding inside of the Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant in Sunset Hills during Chapter 3. Clearing the zombies around him will award you 7,500 PP. He will retreat to a safer area once he has been saved.

In the Fallen Angel DLC, he can be found tied up with Brian and Jordan outside of the Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant in Sunset Hills. The group is about to be executed by one of the soldiers, but Angel is able to stop the execution and untie the three. Saving the group rewards Angel with 20,000PP.

In The Last Agent DLC, he can be found on top of a car near The Cleroux Collection. If he's saved, 10,000 PP will be rewarded and he'll run off to a safe location. Saving him is required for the Sworn to Protect achievement.


  • He shares a character model with Ian.


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