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"Hey, saw some desperate looking dude checking out the buffet place in Ingleton. Hungry?"
Jamie Flynt

All You Can Eat is a side mission and psychopath battle in Dead Rising 3.

This mission becomes available during Chapter 3, after Nick has met with Annie and Red at the hotel.


Nick discovers a survivor trying to get into the kitchen of Uncle Billy's Buffet. As Nick walks over to him, he slips on a puddle of vomit. Darlene hears him and appears around the corner of the buffet kitchen, noisily eating a chicken leg. When Nick tries to reason with her and tells her to stop eating, for there's plenty of food in the restaurant for everyone, she refuses to stop, claiming that she's tired of low carbs and celery, and that she's hungry.

The survivor sees this as an opportunity to try to gather food from the kitchen. However, she spots him doing so and attacks him by throwing three plates at him. As she yells at him to get away from "her" food, she stabs him with a large spork. Nick tries to argue that he just wanted food, but Darlene starts attacking him as she suspects he called her "fat."

After Darlene is defeated, she begins to complain about a stomach ache and indigestion. She attempts to "purge" herself by charging at him with her scooter once again, but the scooter slips on a puddle of her vomit and she ends up falling onto her back. She starts throwing up again and dies by choking on her own vomit.

Completing this mission and defeating Darlene will unlock the Gluttonous achievement. When she is defeated, Darlene drops a key to get into the kitchen.

Mission Dialogue[]

Meeting with Darlene - the gluttonous psychopath

Uncle Billy's Buffet

  • (Nick enters into the buffet and sees a man trying to open kitchen's doors)
  • Nick: Hey.
  • Man: There's food in here, man.
  • Nick: Why so quiet? Zombies?
  • Man: Worse.

(Suddenly Nick slips on a puddle of vomit)

  • Darlene: Hey! Who the hell was that?

(Darlene approaches them on her scooter while eating a turkey drumstick)

  • Darlene: Get away from my food!
  • Nick: There's plenty in here for everyone.
  • Darlene: I see the way you look at me! But you know what? I'm tired of low carbs. I'm tired of celery. I'm hungry.
  • Man: It's not like you can eat all of it.
  • Darlene: Hey! Just watch me!

(Darlene starts to eat buffet food very quickly and then throws up at Nick)

  • Darlene: No! No, no, no! No!

(Darlene starts to eat buffet food again very quickly but when she sees that man tries to eat something she starts to throw plates a him)

  • Man: Hey, stop it! I'm starving!
  • Darlene: Get away from my food!

(Darlene pulls out a big spork and starts to stab the man violently)

  • Nick: No! Stop!
  • Darlene: You skinny dudes just think you can take whatever the hell you want, don't you? World on a platter.
  • Nick: Jesus lady, he was just hungry!
  • Darlene: Well so am I, asshole!
  • Nick: I think you've had plenty already.
  • Darlene: Are you calling... me...
  • Nick: Oh, shit!
  • Darlene: FAAAAT?!

(After the battle)

  • Darlene: I feel really bad. Oh my god. Ooh, like a super bad gas. You gave me indigestion. You little... pig. Time... to... purge!

(Darlene tries to attack Nick but her scooter slips on a puddle of her vomit and she ends up falling onto her back. She starts throwing up again and dies by choking on her own vomit)

Battle Style[]

Main article: Darlene Fleischermacher


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