Almuda Farms Cold Storage
Store Number SA103
Location South Almuda
Survivor(s) Alejandra


Psychopath(s) Albert Contiello
Mission(s) Making a Killing

The Almuda Farms Cold Storage is a location in Dead Rising 3.

It is a warehouse used for storing refrigerated goods for Almuda Farms, located in South Almuda. Nick must enter the warehouse during Chapter 3 to destroy a military supply crate for Red. The front entrance is locked and sealed up, but may be accessed from the side entrance or back entrance.

The psychopathic surgeon Albert Contiello is using the cold storage as a lair while he harvests the organs of his victims. He must be defeated as part of the story. 

The blueprints for the Acid Jar can be found here.

Weapons outside front side of buildingEdit

Weapons outside side entranceEdit

Weapons outside back entranceEdit

Weapons on roof and adjacent ledge above side entranceEdit

Weapons in interior of buildingEdit


  • Beer (Outside side and back entrance)
  • Snack (Outside back entrance)
  • Ham (Outside back entrance)



  • Screams can be heard from inside Almuda Farms. This is most likely from the survivors Albert Contiello has harvested organs from. However, the screams continue after Albert is defeated. This could just be an error or it could mean that there are still survivors trapped in there.


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