Alpha Vs. Omega
DR2OTR A 050 Alpha Vs. Omega
Description Brought Denyce to attack Sgt Boykin. Why would you put the poor girl through all that?
Trophy/Points Value 20G

Alpha Vs. Omega is an achievement/trophy in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

In order to unlock this achievement, Frank must rescue Denyce Calloway and keep her in his party until the psychopath battle against Sgt. Boykin. During the battle, Denyce must attack and cause damage to Sgt. Boykin.

Frank must keep her alive and out of the Safe House for most of the game's main story.


  • Because Denyce cannot enter the Safe House, Frank must set a waypoint so that Denyce does not enter. Once she enters the Safe House and is out of the active party, the player forfeits the opportunity for this achievement.
  • If Frank hits Denyce too many times, she will defect, which will also forfeit opportunity for the achievement.
  • Equipping Denyce with a weapon and keeping her health up with food will help her survive throughout the game as you travel with her. She has twice the amount of health as other survivors, so she has much higher chance of surviving.
  • Frank can lock Denyce in a Maintenance Room or store to keep her safe from zombies and psychopaths.
  • Bringing Denyce to the rooftop during Case 5-2: The Getaway will cause her to return to the Safe House after the battle is over. You will have to leave Denyce on her own while you bring down the chopper. After the battle is done, you will need to leave the Safe House to find her. Until she is reunited with Frank, she will continue to lose health, so it's wise to save before attempting the case file and to keep Denyce well healed.
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