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"What a dreamboat! Are you really just a journalist?"
—Alyssa Laurent

Alyssa Laurent is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

She is found in Huntin' Shack in North Plaza during the unmarked scoop Gun Shop Standoff. She has occupied the gun store with two other survivors, and is initially distrustful of Frank West.

Gun Shop Standoff[]

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Alyssa has occupied the gun store in North Plaza with two other survivors, Jonathan Picardsen and Brett Styles. When Frank approaches, they mistake him for a zombie and open fire until he exits the store. Once they realize their mistake, Jonathan goes over to ask Frank what he wants with them.

Frank offers to take them to the Security Room and promises that a helicopter is coming to rescue them. Alyssa is doubtful as she has seen that the door to the Security Room has been welded shut. Brett then requests Frank to provide some proof by bringing them a picture of the duct.

Once Frank shows them the required photo, the three survivors agree to follow him.

Infinity Mode[]

Main article: Infinity Mode

In Infinity Mode, Alyssa appears in Theater 4 at Colby's Movieland with Verlene Willis from 3:07:00 to 3:19:00 and is armed with a Submachine Gun. In her equipment she carries Cheese, an Acoustic Guitar, a 2x4, a Mailbox Post, and a Ceremonial Sword.


  • Alyssa is one of the few survviors who follows another survivors in stead of Frank; in this case, she follows Brett.
    • This makes her the hardest to escort of the Gun Shop Trio. If the player zones out of an area without her a few times, this stops being the case, but Jonathan will start crying on and off. She will also be very passive with her attacks when this following Brett situation is broken.
  • Aylssa's red dress and black flip flop heels are similar to Alyssa Ashcroft's Midnight Caller outfit from Resident Evil: Outbreak.
  • In Chop Till You Drop, completing Gun Shop Standoff and rescuing Alyssa rewards Frank with the Ammo Belt.
  • Judging by how she runs towards Brett when Jonathan tells her to be quiet, he might be either a close friend or a romantic partner of hers.
  • If Alyssa, Jonathan and Brett aren't taken to Security Room and remain in the gun store, their bodies are found behind the counter after the Special Forces arrive, most likely meaning they were killed by the Special Forces soldiers.
  • Alyssa, according to her dialogue and observations, is the only survivor Frank saves who tried to make it to the security room on her own.
  • Taking a picture of her cleavage or an upskirt shot rewards Erotica points.
  • Alyssa is among the few survivors who can be effective with a handgun, as she is very accurate and not easily intimidated - therefore she won't kill herself with it if she gets surrounded.
    • She might cry the whole way back to the security room though, while Brett and Jonathan do not.
  • Despite not wearing heels, Alyssa usually runs much slower than Jonathan and Brett.
  • She's one of the few survivors who might think Frank is attractive, as she referred to him as a dream boat when taken back to the security room.
  • She shares the exact same shoes as Cheryl Jones.


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