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Charlie Six
"Come in Charlie Six! I repeat! Come in Charlie Six! We are organzing backup for your blockade now. Hand tight, and DO NOT let anyone past your post! A new quarantine crew with full security detail will be there at 21:00 hours! Repeat, backup will be there by nightfall!"
—Radio transmission

The soldier referred to as Charlie Six is an unnamed victim in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Case 0-2: Find Zombrex[]

In Case 0-2: Find Zombrex, this unnamed man is a soldier who was killed when the ambulance he was riding in veered off the road and crashed into the Quarantine Zone, landing on its side. Chuck Greene investigates the overturned ambulance in search for Zombrex, only to find the dead soldier with a radio attached, which Chuck overhears the military attempting to contact the soldier, informing him that they're planning on sending a full security detail to Still Creek at nightfall (9:00 PM) for clean-up.


  • The soldier's body disappears after the cutscene where he falls out the ambulance.
  • It's possible that Charlie Six died from a Zombrex Overdose
  • This soldier, along with the soldiers of the new quarantine crew, are identical to the soldiers that attempt to clean-up Fortune City in Dead Rising 2.
  • The transmission that the soldier receives on his radio can be heard repeatedly if Chuck stands outside the ambulance until he finally opens it.
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