Angel Lust
Angel Lust
Type Goth Rock Band
Member(s) Jeanna Slick (Vocals)
Floyd Stone (Lead Guitar)
Allen Ash (Bass Guitar)
Location Silver Strip
Mission(s) Rock Heroes

Angel Lust is a British emo rock band featured in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. The band has three members, including:

  1. Floyd Stone, the guitarist, who has been described as "crow-looking". In concerts Floyd kicks pig's blood into the crowd.
  2. Jeanna Slick, vocal singer.
  3. Allen Ash, the bassist.

One of the groups albums is entitled, "Feet on the Dancefloor, Head in a Grave."

As planned in their promotional posters, the group was scheduled to perform on September 24 at 10 pm, in the Silver Strip of Fortune City. They performed on September 26, despite the recent zombie outbreak. Wallace, a witness to the concert, stated a day later that the concert, "was surreal. There were zombies everywhere, and Angel Lust were just playing like nothing was unusual."[1]

Dead Rising 2Edit

In the mission Rock Heroes, Chuck Greene gets a call from Stacey Forsythe about a rock band blaring music in the Silver Strip. Upon investigation, Chuck finds the trio rocking out. He is able to inform the band that the "audience" is actually a crowd of ravenous zombies. They agree to be escorted to the Safe House, but not before finishing up their song, which struck a chord so loud it burst all of the heads of the zombies loitering nearby.

Off the RecordEdit

In Off the Record, Rock Heroes is an unmarked mission. Frank will not receive a call from Stacey, but the group can be recruited in the same way that they were in Dead Rising 2. The mission starts on Sept. 26 at 4 am.


  • "Floyd Stone" may be a dual-reference to Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones.
  • Angel Lust, terminal erection, or more commonly referred to as a death erection, is an erection that occurs after death. It is commonly observed in the corpses of human males who have been executed, particularly by hanging.[2]
  • This band is likely a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Australian Industrial band Angelspit, which plays music with similar themes and has ties to the gothic industrial music scene. This is likely, as Celldweller, who did most of the music for this game, has toured with them on several occasions; the Dead Rising series also has a history of using relatively obscure gothic industrial music in its soundtracks.



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