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"I have a machine gun and a pulse, so that makes me your new best friend."
—Annie to Nick Ramos in the cinematic trailer

Annie is a character appearing in Dead Rising 3.

Annie is an "illegal," a person infected but not implanted with a microchip to be tracked and given Zombrex to prevent turning. She travels with her ex-boyfriend, Red, who leads a group of illegals throughout the city.[1] Because she is an illegal, she does not have a microchip and must find her own Zombrex.

Annie believes in justice and has a strong dislike for the government's duplicity, as well as their brutality toward survivors and other illegals whom she considers her family. She is committed to fighting for them to continue living off the grid.

Prequel Comic[]

In the beginning, before the outbreak began, Annie posed as the recipient of a vehicle that an auto mechanic named Nick Ramos was driving to Wrench-O-Rama in Central City. She was discovered just moments before she would drive off with it when the repair shop's owner spotted the imposter.

Shortly after ZDC alerts went live, Nick chased after the carjacker as she rode into a horde of zombies, disrupting both their plans. Just as she was about to become a quick snack for the flesh-eating ghouls, Annie was saved in the nick of time by her would-be pursuer, who used a miniature blowtorch hidden beneath the car seat. Both of them soon found sanctuary with the much-needed assistance of Dick Baker, who happened to be coming into town to complete a trucking arrangement before chaos erupted.

As they joined forces with other remnants of the afflicted city, Annie and Nick decided to stick with him as they all made their way to the nearest chipping station in the city to escape to safer pastures. However, they were dismayed to find Zombie Defense and Control agents forcibly blocking their path out of town at gunpoint.

After a terse exchange with the government agents, Annie implored Dick to use his flamethrower to deal with the slime molds when they tried to incarcerate her. She revealed a surprising amount of insight into their malpractice, and the trio, along with the few remaining survivors, fought their way back through the overrun city. They were then beset not only by the relentless undead but also by murderous, trigger-happy military choppers launching cruise missiles at everything and everyone on the ground.

Encountering a sizable horde, Dick used his fire spitter to hold them back, while Nick contemplated how all of this had come to pass. Annie jokingly took offense at the trucker's threat to leave everyone behind if they didn't keep pace until they were saved by the arrival of Rhonda Kreske, Nick's boss and co-worker, who drove into the city of the dead looking for her most favored employee. Running over half a dozen of the city's newest denizens, they all sought refuge in The Dilly Diner to use it as a safehouse for the time being.

Dead Rising 3[]

Starting the game, Annie can be seen with Dick, Rhonda, Peter Rae, and his mother holed up in The Dilly Diner, where Nick arrives after outrunning more zombies.

After taking a stolen shot of Zombrex, Rhonda and Annie argue about Annie being an Illegal. Dick tells them to be quiet and leans on a jukebox, turning it on. The zombies outside the safehouse hear the jukebox and start attacking the survivors. After seeing a police zombie fire his gun, Peter's mother runs outside and is eaten, as is Peter when he tries to save her. Annie leaves on her own, refusing to go to Rhonda's garage.

Nick finds Annie again during Chapter 3. After gaining access to the Los Perdidos Communication Tower, he finds Annie hiding out among the other Illegals. After Nick fails to trick Annie in going with him to The Diamond Panty, the gang's leader, Red, threatens to kill Nick. Nick decides to help the Illegals out by destroying military equipment around the city.

After finishing the task, Nick returns to the tower to report to Annie. He attempts to ask her about her relationship with Red, but Red interrupts with important news. Red and Annie go to find their friend Angel Quijano, while Nick goes to the police station to retrieve security data. Nick meets Red and Annie at The Burgess-Dawson hotel, where Annie storms off after an argument with Red, and Nick must return to the Communication Tower.

Nick finds Annie, Lauren Staples, and Winnie Lee upon his return to the tower. While they wait for Red to return, Gary Finkel arrives with the intention of taking Annie back to his boss. He holds her at gunpoint and attempts to abduct her but is stopped when Special Ops arrive. The military apprehends Gary and the Illegals, carrying them off as Nick is rendered unconscious. Later, Red wakes Nick up at the comm tower, and they devise a plan to sneak into the military compound and save the group.

Nick sneaks into the compound and frees Annie and the others, but Gary attempts to take Annie again. Nick intervenes just before Annie makes an escape with the other Illegals. Red thanks Nick for his help and informs him where to find the fuel for the plane, agreeing to meet at a karaoke bar in Sunset Hills once Nick has fueled up.

In Chapter 7, Nick goes to the karaoke bar to find Annie and Red. There, he finds Gary guarding the entrance, holding Annie hostage. After either killing Gary or bringing Rhonda to him, Nick enters the bar, where Annie is surrounded by zombies as she stands helplessly tied up on stage. Nick defeats the zombies and unties her. They must survive until they can return to the warehouse in South Almuda. Annie also reveals that her relationship with Red is over, addressing Nick's curiosity.

Back at the hangar, Nick and Annie meet with Isabela, Red, and Dick. When Red betrays them, Isabela and Annie are trapped in a shipping container, and Nick fights Red. After Nick frees them, Annie drops a shipping container on Red, crushing him. Nick and Annie embrace and share their first kiss.

Soon after, Chuck Greene, revealed to be Gary's boss, arrives. Annie's true identity is revealed to be Katey Greene. The two apologize and are reunited after two years. Nick, Chuck, Annie, Isabela, Dick, and the rescued survivors board the plane together.

In Chapter 8, Annie takes the transceiver and climbs a crane to track Hemlock's position and report back to Nick and Chuck.


  • Annie carries a submachine gun in the cinematic trailer and is seen with her hood down.[2]
  • She is considered the first infected person to be cured by Nick.
  • Annie is the only survivor/secondary character to directly kill a psychopath, as she drops a storage container on Red in a cutscene.
  • Nick and Annie are the only two characters to kiss in the entire Dead Rising series, apart from her parents in Dead Rising: Road to Fortune.
  • She is mentioned in one of the collectible newspapers in Dead Rising 4 as a possible special guest speaker for SurviviCon in Willamette.
  • Annie is the only character in the Dead Rising series to be a made-up identity for another character. Which means she is technically not a character at all, just an alter-ego Katey came up with.
  • She is one of the first playable female characters in the DLC Super Ultra Dead Rising 3' Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α.



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