Antique Lover
Dead rising floyd carrying (2)
Location Ned's Knicknackery
Start Time Time iconSeptember 20th, 5pm
Expires Time iconSeptember 21st, 12am
Survivors Floyd Sanders
PP 25,000 (Join)

50,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"I spotted an old man. He's in the antique shop in Entrance Plaza. It's weird... He seems awfully calm considering the circumstances."
Otis Washington

Antique Lover is a scoop in Dead Rising.

It takes place in Ned's Knicknackery in the Entrance Plaza on the night of the second day. It involves rescuing an elderly man, Floyd Sanders, who believes the situation to be hopeless.


Frank arrives at Ned's Knicknackery in the Entrance Plaza and finds Floyd Sanders, an elderly man who seems strangely calm about the situation. He reveals to Frank that he has recognized that he will eventually die, and prefers to die surrounded by art in the antique shop. Frank asks him whether he really appreciates the merchandise on sale as art, and successfully persuades him that he will have better chance of seeing true art once he is rescued. He offers to bring him back to the Security Room.

Completing this scoop and rescuing Floyd Sanders will allow Frank to take on another scoop, Floyd the Sommelier.


Conversation with Floyd
Dead rising floyd
Floyd: You look like you're still human. If you're still human then surely you see the beauty in this work...

Frank: Sorry to get in the way of your hobby there, pal, but this is no time to go antiquing.

Floyd: It's hopeless anyway. I may as well spend my last moments enjoying this. If I'm going to die, I'd just as soon do it surrounded by great works of art. Don't you see? I figure the world owes me this much. The chance to choose the way I die.

Frank: I know a guy who's coming here in a helicopter on Friday. Come with us...

Floyd: Can you really guarantee that leaving this town would be better than staying? I'm so damn old. Even if I got out, I don't have much time left. Staying alive doesn't have much appeal to me anymore. Just let me die surrounded by art.

Frank: Listen old man, can you honestly tell me you want to die here? You wouldn't regret it?

Floyd: ...

Frank: You appreciate art too much to mistake this junk for sale in a mall for the real deal don't you? You cannot really consider this crap to be art. I've made better art than this in the can.

Floyd: ...

Frank: C'mon pal. If we get outta here you can see a museum again. Well?

Floyd: ...

Frank: Well?

Floyd: You might be right, son. Maybe I do want to leave after all. Whaddya say whippersnapper. You mind helpin' an old man like me out?[1]




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