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—Antoine, upon hearing Chuck's criticism

Antoine Thomas, also known as Chef Antoine, is a psychopath appearing in Dead Rising 2 during the mission Tastes Like Chicken. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

He is the owner of Antoine's, a cookware store in Royal Flush Plaza, and calls himself "The King of Cuisine". He was going to be interviewed by a reporter from a famous food magazine, but the zombie outbreak in Fortune City destroyed his chance at fame. Unfortunately for Chuck and other sane survivors, he is still under the delusion that the reviewer is on his way, and is using anything that the outbreak can provide to create the perfect dish.

Tastes Like Chicken[]

Main article: Tastes Like Chicken

Chuck Greene encounters Antoine in the Cucina Donnacci restaurant in the Food Court. Antoine mistakes Chuck for the magazine reporter, and offers him a meal made from "ingredients" nobody has dared to imagine. His preparation for his meals reveals that he has taken a bartender named Cinda Smith hostage, and hints that he plans to kill her and serve her as another dish made from human flesh. Antoine goes on claiming that Chuck's readers will love his newest dish, leading to Chuck asking who he meant. Antoine quickly realizes that Chuck isn't the reviewer and Chuck insults Antoine by saying "Who the hell would want to eat THIS?!", referring to the meal he was preparing, possibly after realizing his cooking contained human meat. Antoine, enraged, picks up a chef knife and proclaims that he will make Chuck into one of his dishes and attacks.

After he is defeated, he attempts to back away while supporting himself on the counter, but his hand slips, plunging his arm and then his head into the boiling hot grease of the fryer, resulting in him screaming in pain as he dies. Once Antoine is killed, Chuck is given the opportunity to unlock the freezer and rescue Cinda.

Battle Style[]

See Tastes Like Chicken.

Sandbox Mode[]

Main article: Sandbox Mode

Antoine appears in his restaurant on Day 3 at 1:00 AM with the same weapons as in Tastes Like Chicken. Once defeated, he will drop his weapon and $25,000.


  • The song that plays while fighting him is Own Little World by Celldweller.


  • Antoine doesn't seem to be affected by the outbreak, this could be because he was busy making his "dish" and hadn't realized, or simply is in denial.
  • His voice actor is the same one who voices Earl Flaherty.
  • Antoine bears some similarities to Larry Chiang from Dead Rising, both of them being crazed food preparers with a taste for human flesh. They both also run away to heal up by eating, and they both use food as weapons (Larry tosses meat, while Antoine forces an apple down Chuck's throat).
  • When Antoine is killed, a glitch will occasionally occur, causing him to fall through the floor. However, this does not affect his death scene or the game.
  • He has another store in the Royal Flush Plaza called Antoine's. There is also an ad outside the Royal Flush Plaza showing his store and a picture of a young Antoine.
  • He is likely a reference to the famous restaurant "Antoine's" located in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • His name may also be a reference to Marie-Antoine Carême, due to his mention of being the "king of cuisine." Carême was known as the "king of chefs, and the chef of kings". He might also be a reference to the famous Chef Boyardee, both of them being bulky and having a passion for food and cooking.
  • When defeated in Off The Record Frank sarcastically remarks "Ok that does NOT smell like chicken" referencing the name of the mission. 
  • "The psychopaths gravitated towards American stereotypes. The trick was to figure out how to take those characters and figure out how they would snap in an outbreak and what they would become....So if you look at the chef in Dead Rising 2, celebrity chefs are a big thing right now and a big part of what you see on TV, so that was an obvious stereotype to go after and then figuring out how this guy has snapped. So the idea of the food critic who was supposed to come and meet him, but the food critic probably became a zombie three days ago and now the chef is capturing survivors and cooking them and serving them. So that’s sort of the process – latching onto key stereotypes and figuring out, what’s the snap."[1]
  • Fans have commented on him being "brutally difficult", he has apparently been "toned down a little bit" for Off the Record. The game's Creative Director Jason Leigh stated: "Some of the bosses that were too difficult in the eyes of fans – the chef was one example we made sure we tuned those and balanced them a little bit more."[2]
  • A death similar to Antoine's was used on the Spike TV show, "1000 ways to Die".
  • Antoine is similar in appearance to Chief Brian Irons, one of the villains in Resident Evil 2 (Especially in the Remake). Both have grey hair, mustaches and heavy-set body types.
  • When Antoine tastes his dish, he states “True what they say, tastes like chicken.” Which is a reference to the cliche of cannibals stating human meat tastes like chicken.
  • In "Off The Record", instead of exclaiming that no one would want to eat the dish, Frank West just says that he does not want to eat it, though this still enrages the chef.



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