Apartment Above Dodd's Drugs
Apartment Above Dodd's
Location Old Town
Mission(s) Investigating Obscuris
"It seems this cozy apartment has been claimed by the occupying military faction. Exactly what they were using it for remains unclear."
— Map Description

Apartment Above Dodd's Drugs is from Old Town in Dead Rising 4.

Frank is required to visit this apartment during Case 2. Paula tips Frank off that the military have been seen around Dodd's Drugs, and so he goes to investigate.

When Frank arrives, he will find the place abandoned. After photographing some clues, he listens to the radio to find out that Obscuris is hunting something big. From the broadcast's information, he heads to the Old Town Fire Hall.

On the stove is the blueprints for the Ice Sword. There is a panic room here, but since the panic room is used for story purposes (Frank is required to photograph supplies inside), there is not much of value inside.


Main Room

Panic Room


Main Room

Panic Room


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