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The Apple is food in Dead Rising which heals Frank and survivors.


Leisure Park[]

There are three apples visible in the Leisure Park trees which can be knocked down.[1]

Frank cannot shoot the apples, he must throw something at both of them to get them down. If the apple doesn't fall out of the tree after Frank hit it once then it is probably stuck.[2] These apples need to be hit at a good angle for them to fall to the ground. Aim slightly above the apple with the targeting item.

Dead rising park picnic benches and drink cans
The Covered park shelter with two drink cans.

Two drink can boxes, found under the covered park shelter, are the ideal projectiles.

In Infinity Mode, these apples are also present. However, an odd glitch often occurs where the apples near theNorth Plaza and the Food Court are permanently stuck in the tree, no matter how many times they are hit. In addition, the third apple by the wall will not appear at all should this glitch occur. However, by simply eating the other food items found in the park (3 cookies and a snack located near the flower beds) or by storing them in Frank's inventory, the apples will all spawn correctly upon re-entering the area, and can all be knocked down with a single hit from any item.

Near North Plaza Stairs[]

Dead rising leisure plaza hidden apple

Tree as seen from the North Plaza Stairs

Stand at the bottom of the middle section of the stairs that lead to North Plaza and face south. Walk south to a tree to the east.
Dead rising leisure plaza hidden apple (4)

Rock next to tree

This tree has a rock below it on the tree's south side.
Dead rising leisure plaza hidden apple (3)

Apple in branch.

Look up into the tree to find an apple on the west branch. Frank can throw a rock up into the tree to knock the apple down, but the Drink Cans are easier to throw.
Far west near brick wall In the far west of the park, near the brick wall, look up into the tree with a rock near it to find yet another apple on one of the branches.
Along the path Coming out of the Food Court, there are three paved paths to take. Take the middle. Go to near where that path meets the other, and to the right should be 2 trees with rocks below them. The apple is in one of those.


There are multiple apples on top of the Beautification kiosk in Wonderland Plaza. Climb up onto the top of the kiosk to reach the apples.


During the scoop Japanese Tourists, three apples will spawn inside the library, along with two Snacks.



  1. These three apples are also in the overtime and infinity modes.
  2. Rising Infinity Mode FAQ , IGN, September 8, 2008.
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