Archie Eaton
Dead rising archie bust
Age 28
Status Determinant
Notebook Number 02
Notebook Description Bailed too many times without a helmet. Found behind Bill's Department Store.
Weapon Baseball Bat
Location Behind Uncle Bill's Department Store
Scoop(s) Handle With Care
PP 1,500 PP (Join)

3,500 PP (Escort)

Archie Eaton is a survivor in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

He is found with his friend Jason Wong during the mission Handle With Care.

Handle With CareEdit

Main article: Handle With Care

Archie and Jason are found defending themselves against a horde of zombies. After Jason gives his handlebar to Chuck, the two decide to join him and head towards the Brockett Gas Station.

Both he and Jason are amateur Motocross racers, and claim to be two of Chuck's biggest fans.



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