Background Check is the eighth Smartglass mission in Dead Rising 3.

It will appear after Meet Red at the Comm Tower is completed. This mission can only be played if the Xbox One Smartglass app is connected to the game.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Jamie calls Nick to give him a task: the police have accumulated a list of suspected illegals at the Los Perdidos Police Department, and he wants Nick to gather some explosives and blow up the servers that house the list. The unique explosives can be found at Huge Industrial Co., inside a couple of the open storage containers. After gathering the explosives, Nick heads over to the third floor of the police station and finds a group of Spec Ops, which he must kill to progress. Nick will then plant the explosives after all of the soldiers are dead, and subsequently leave the building. An explosion can be seen from the window as he leaves. Jamie will then call to congratulate him and comment on the fact that he hasn't taken a shower in a while, which will end the mission.

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