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Ball Buster is an event in Terror is Reality. The goal is to kill as many zombies within the time limit as they appear in various windows. In this game, contestants are equipped with Bowling Ball launching guns and have to shoot at zombies which randomly appear in a 4x4 building prop. There are powerups the players can collect by shooting at zombies marked with a giant pink light bulb.

The Power ups are:

  • Automatic Fire
  • Bonus points/Jackpot
  • Jamming other players guns

When the gun is jammed players have to press buttons which are shown on screen.

The players cannot move in this event.


Fidget Glitch

This glitch is recognizable/detectable in the waiting screen where the red character is constantly fidgeting. When the game loads the first event (usually Ramsterball) the red character will not be in his ball properly, and when the game starts, the ball will roll off leaving the character stuck at the top of the arena. The player will be unable to control his ball which will move very slowly and will not change direction.

If the player waits for the round to finish, the next round to load will be Ball Buster. The red player will again be unable to control his character, and will be doing the same fidgeting movement seen in the waiting screen. It is currently not known if and what the next stage the glitch will effect as usually by the first point most players will have quit.


Dead rising SGBallLauncherYellow balls do not disappear

balls do not disappear

  • In the Tape it or Die blog Johnny Pipes describes this event "Like Whack-a-Mole! Shoot-a-Zombie!" Left Hand Lance states there is no real danger to the players in this event.[1]
  • Shot balls do not disappear.
  • The name of the event is a reference to a move in another Capcom game called God Hand.