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Bargaining 2
Dead rising Bargaining 2
Location Dead Rising 2
Food Court
Off the Record
Fortune City Bank
Effect Will lower the cost of items in the pawn shop by 10%.

Bargaining 2 is a magazine in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. The magazine lowers the cost of items in pawnshops by 10%.


When used in conjunction with Bargaining 1, this magazine can be very useful in lowering the prices on some big-ticket items such as the sports car, the SUV, and the knight boots.


Dead Rising 2Edit

The magazine is located on the roof of Speedy Expresso in the Food Court. To obtain the magazine, climb atop the snack machines between the Yucatan Casino entrance and Lombardi's. Travel along the walkway to roof of Speedy Expresso where the magazine is found.

Off the RecordEdit

The magazine is located in the Fortune City Bank in Uranus Zone. It is obtained by opening security box #145; the key for the box is found in the maintenance room inside Tunemakers in the Royal Flush Plaza.


  • The name of the magazine is Thrifty Trader.
  • The magazine is referred to as "cKnowledgeItem Magazine_Economy_Thrifty_Trader" in the PC game file items.txt.


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