Baron Von Brathaus
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Store Number Y101
Location Yucatan Casino
"Everyday is a sausagefest at Baron Von Brathaus! Fill yourself with our meat and hand made sauces. Try our new chork sausage: A chicken and pork blend that is sure to satisfy the most exacting standards."
—Fortune City map description

Baron Von Brathaus is a German restaurant located in the Yucatan Casino of Fortune City in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It is a restaurant for gamblers and vacationers to dine at and relax. Tables with chairs as well as booths are available for diners. The wall where the booths are situated have kegs stored in slots as well as many plaques with names, presumably the names of customers who have been recognized for an achievement. A bar with an assortment of beer and wine is available for patrons and a fireplace resides outside of the kitchen, for atmosphere and comfort. In the kitchen are typical appliances such as freezers, sinks, stoves, ovens, and soda machines.

The restaurant contains a blender that can be used to create mixed juices. It also contains a stove that can be used to heat pans for a 1,000-PP bonus. A steak can be found here to tame Snowflake.






  • Dead rising money icon $200


  • "Feeling peckish? Why not go the whole hog and pig out on the Baron's wunderbar homemade sausages and sauces." —Fortune City Website Advertising.[1]
Dead rising Baron Von Brathaus board snowflake hints
  • On the whiteboard in the kitchen, there is a notice that warns Baron Von Brathaus employees not to use the restaurant's meat to feed a tiger after another employee (presumably Ted) was caught doing so by janitorial staff. The notice further mentions that the tiger seems to have developed a bond with the employee, a hint to the player on how to tame Snowflake. The message is signed by "Mr. Manager".
  • On the whiteboard are some preparation session rules that include: washing the hands (every now and then), never frown at customers, and respect a name which has been scribbled out, noting that "he" is a butt, in which someone replied saying that Norm is a king butt.
  • On the board. it is written that only 3 days remain to opening night.
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