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Combo card poster bazooka bad boys
" I laughed. I cried. It sucked!"
—Chuck after watching Bazooka Bad Boyz

Bazooka Bad Boyz is one of six Paradise Platinum Screens movies in Dead Rising 2.

During the film, Chuck watches intently as the story of two men and a bomb unravels. Once Chuck Greene views the movie, he gains 2,000 prestige points Entertainment Bonus. Outside after the film Chuck exclaims: "I laughed. I cried. It sucked!"

Cutscene text[]

Dead rising Bazooka Bad Boyz
So, Major Rod Johnson. We meet at last.

Thanks for saving my ass out there. I like your... gun.

Here we are at last - two strong men. And of course, one bomb.

Will you cut first, or shall I?

Not the blue wire...not the blue wire!



  • The film plays several times throughout the game.[Verification needed]
  • Chuck does not flinch once during the film.
  • After the movie Chuck says "who wrote that crap"?
  • The name of the cutscene file is watch_movie_action.txt