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The Bazooka Cannon is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4. It is made by combining a Toy Cannon with any explosive. The blueprints are unlocked by completing Case 4 of the main story.

The Bazooka Cannon works like an RPG. It fires rockets that follow a relatively straight flight path for a decent amount range, after which it suddenly drops down; similar to the projectiles fired by the Railgun. The rockets explode on impact, dealing high damage to anything within the blast radius. The size of the explosion is slightly larger than the rockets the normal RPG fires. All of these make the Bazooka Cannon a great choice for clearing large clumps of zombies and human enemies at range.

There is also a gold variant of this weapon which can be created by combining the Bazooka Cannon with a gold bar. The Drop the Bomb combat trial requires 400 kills with the Bazooka Cannon.


  • Press and hold Left trigger while the cannon is equipped to aim the weapon. Use Right trigger to fire the weapon.
  • To fire without aiming, Right trigger can be pressed to fire the weapon quickly.



  • Bazooka is a common term used to describe any man-portable, anti-tank rocket launcher.[1]
  • The Bazooka Cannon is similar to the Pirate Cannon. Both weapons fire projectiles that travel in a straight path and explode into a large fireball when it comes into contact with any object. The only difference is that the Pirate Cannon can only be used while wearing an exo suit, while the Bazooka Cannon is a combo weapon that Frank can fit in his normal inventory and can use by default.
    • Despite being roughly the same size, the Bazooka Cannon can fit in Franks inventory, while the Pirate Cannon cannot. This is probably because of the fact that the Bazooka Cannon is simply a lightweight toy fashioned to be a rocket launcher.



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