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Beer Hat (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Beer Hat
Type Combo Weapon/Food
How to Make Construction Hat + Beer
Uses 10
PP 150
Fits in Inventory Yes
"The only thing better than a little beer is more beer!"
—Combo card description

The Beer Hat is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is created by combining a construction hat with beer.

Unlike most health items, the Beer Hat can be used multiple times to restore health, but the two-drink limit for alcoholic beverages still applies. The Beer Hat does not receive a bonus from the Health 1 or Health 2 magazines.

This combo weapon is described as:

"Portable heath! Unfortunately if you drink too much you'll start vomiting. Less unfortunate: Zombies can slip on the vomit."[1]

Attacks and combo cardEdit

Beer Hat combo card
Prestige points Main: 150
Alternate: N/A
Dead rising 2 combo card Beer Hat
Main attack (press X/Square) Drink from the Beer Hat to regain health. Drinking three times too quickly will make the player vomit. Dead rising beer hat holding
Description The only thing better than a little beer is more beer!


  • With a maximum restoration of 20 health blocks, the Beer Hat effectively has the biggest health gain of any food item.
    • This is offset by being a combo weapon, requiring multiple uses to restore health, and the need for the Drinking magazine or the Sports Skills Pack to avoid vomiting.
  • While worn, the Beer Hat will appear in cutscenes.



Dead rising 2 beer hat

Dead rising 2 beer hat


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