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"Zombies or no zombies, Kathy's Space was having a sale, and it will take more than the undead to stop me. I just bought the cutest pair of pumps."
—Bessie, on her shopping

Bessie Kent is a survivor that is shopping in the Royal Flush Plaza in Dead Rising 2 during the unannounced mission Shopping Spree.

Shopping Spree[]

Bessie is found talking with Erica and Rosa, in Kathy's Space in Royal Flush Plaza after 8 AM on day 2. She and her friends take advantage of the outbreak and are shopping in the line-less stores when they are found by Chuck. They claim that there is a sale and they are not leaving without their box of shoes, which Chuck must carry.


  • Bessie, along with Erica and Rosa, does not appear in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
  • If Chuck sets a marker and runs off with the shopping boxes the women will follow Chuck. If Chuck breaks the shopping boxes the ladies will immediately defect, attack Chuck, scolding him verbally as they attack.
  • Bessie will not defect if Rosa or Erica die.