Better With a Friend
DR2 A 031 Better With a Friend
Description Solved all case files in Co-op. You're a great friend!
Trophy/Points Value 20G

Better With a Friend is an achievement/trophy in Dead Rising 2.

It is unlocked after solving all case files in co-op mode. An Xbox Live Gold subscription with online access is required for online play.

Cases can be completed in any order and with multiple players. As long as every case (including The Facts) is completed, the achievement will unlock. Overtime Mode is NOT required for the achievement.


  • This achievement can be done whether you're the host or client of a match, and the achievement can also be achieved over multiple playthroughs with multiple partners.
  • It may be advised to start a game from the beginning to make sure you complete all the case files, in case you are unsure of which ones you have actually completed before.