Dead rising Bicycle
Type Vehicle
Damage 250
Uses 100 hits
Location Al Fresca Plaza
Sports High
Dead Rising
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The bicycle is a vehicle in Dead Rising.

The bicycle is a weak vehicle but a great way to travel throughout the mall. If Frank has the Cycling book, the bicycle's durability is multiplied by 3, meaning Frank will be able to hit 300 zombies before the bicycle breaks. Colliding with any stationary object while on the bicycle will cause Frank to fall and take damage.


  • Primary: Hold down the 360 X button button to accelerate.
  • Secondary: Rapidly tap the 360 X button button to increase your speed.
  • Reverse: Hold down on the Dleft stick to reverse.
  • Brake: Hold down on the 360 X button button and Dleft stick simultaneously to brake.

 Tricks Edit

The Cycling book allows Frank to perform a trick on the bicycle.

  • Bunnyhop: Tap the Abutton button to do a bunnyhop.


Dead rising bicycle blue shark
  • The bicycle brand is "Blue Shark".
  • Surprisingly, like the Skateboard, the bicycle is not affected by the Travel book.
  • The bicycle lasts much longer than the skateboard, and is also faster.


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