Big D
Big D
Weapon Big D's Gun
Location South Bridge

Lao's Cream Dream

Health 875
Mission(s) Lesser Evil
Survivors Kandy
"You dumb piece of shit, you just lost a valuable running partner and your life!"
—Big D, once attacked

Big D is a hostile survivor in Dead Rising 3.

Lesser EvilEdit

Big D can be found on South Bridge outside of South Almuda during Chapter 3. He will ask Nick to build him a combo vehicle and bring it to him. Afterwards, he will ask to be brought to his pad at Lao's Cream Dream in South Almuda.

In the back room, he is keeping a woman named Kandy hostage and will order Nick to kill her. He must kill Big D instead and save Kandy to finish the quest. When killed, he will drop his unique gun.


  • Toughness 4/5
  • Strength 4/5
  • Ranged 4/5
  • Break Out 5/5
  • Run Speed 2/5


  • Big D is the only hostile survivor who defects and is also the only one who can join Nick's posse.
    • In fact, Big D is the only survivor who can defect at all in Dead Rising 3.
  • Big D is the only hostile survivor in Dead Rising 3 to have a unique weapon.
    • There's a glitch that can make Big D's Gun unobtainable. Should he be in Nick's posse, and the game is turned off after saving, then his gun will not be with him after reactivating the checkpoint. You'll have to restart from Chapter 3 to undo the glitch.
  • Big D can't be saved, even though the game gives Nick/Dick the option to try and attack Kandy. If Nick/Dick should try to kill Kandy, the attacks will go right through her. The only way to complete the mission is to kill Big D. It is unknown if this was intentional or not.
  • Big D could be seen as a subversion of the typical Dead Rising escort mission. In most Dead Rising missions, survivors need to be escorted to safety. In Lesser Evil, Big D promises to take care of Nick for his troubles. Ironically, this escort results in Big D's death - a first and only for the series.
  • Big D has the highest stats, not including Gary. However, since he has a high caliber handgun by his side, Big D could be considered the toughest hostile survivor in the game if the player comes unprepared.
  • Giving Big D any mixed drink may make it difficult to kill him.
  • Electric Crusher can render the fight ridiculously easy, as every hit will result in a stun.