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Blambow (Dead Rising 4)
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Type Combo Weapon
Combine Crossbow + Explosive
Location The Virago Hotel

The Blambow is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4. It is created by combining a crossbow with any explosive.

The blueprints are found inside The Virago Hotel, behind the front desk where you first meet Connor.

The Blambow is an extremely versatile ranged weapon. It is capable of killing large groups of zombies with a single explosion, making it effective for clearing out crowds. Its splash damage and ability to stick into objects makes it useful against more agile, tougher and/or smarter enemies like Obscuris soldiers, evolved zombies, and maniacs.

Its only weakness is that, being an explosive, its splash damage can leave Frank stunned and vulnerable to attacks if he is caught within the blast.



  • Human enemies like Obscuris soldiers and militia men will now get gibbed when the explosive arrows penetrate their bodies and explode.


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