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Joiue Kilopy Joiue Kilopy 5 June 2020

Excellent News

Guerillas Hideout! 

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Thatawesomecat Thatawesomecat 30 March 2020

Wiki Manager introduction

Hello Dead Rising Wiki, I'm Thatawesomecat, your Wiki Manager here! I'll be acting as a liaison between you and Fandom Staff. For any questions or issues related to editing here, please feel free to reach out to me!

You can read more about Fandom Wiki Managers here:

I will be around to check your Recent Changes occasionally, but if you need me, please feel free to send me a message on my talk page here. I look forward to working with you!

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PinkMate22 PinkMate22 31 December 2019

Who's is better, Isabela or Rebecca?

Hey everyone, I don't edit on this wiki but I am a huge DR fan, I recently started playing DR2 again and I'm losing my damn mind trying to save every single survivor lmao

So I remember when I was younger I would watch my brother play the original DR and I had a big ass crush on Isabela, love at first sight XD but I never watched him play the middle or end. Then not long later he played DR2 and I remember the part where Rebecca first came up in the hotel and I got excited because I thought it was Isabela at first only to be disappointed (I didn't watch him play the beginning lol)

So I can't help but feel like Rebecca was made to be a replacement to Isabela's character, the "beautiful raven haired side kick who is extremely helpful and there's…

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FalcoLombardo FalcoLombardo 2 June 2019

Dead Rising 4 is a disappointment

I personally think that Dead Rising 4 is the worst Dead Rising game in the series. There are so many problems with the game that I'm not really sure where to start with

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FalcoLombardo FalcoLombardo 22 May 2019

My opinions about Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

I want to make it clear that I have pretty mixed feelings with regards to this game. The following subjects relates to these mixed feelings I have with regards to this game:

In my opinion it was a terrible idea to add scare zombies. There's not even an option to remove the scare zombies from the game. The first few times I got grabbed by a scare zombie it took me by surprise and scared me. But now it feels annoying everytime that I get grabbed by a scare zombie. They just feel like timewasters to me.

Compared to Dead Rising 2, the Survivor AI went down a couple notches in Off the Record. While their AI is still better compared to the first Dead Rising game, you'll have to do some more babysitting around with them. Personally they should have…

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GP5SU GP5SU 17 February 2019

So.... how's your daaay?

A day is a day. Wether a dark day, of mass intellect and intent of tremendous tyranny... days can get rough. How about you...?

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ElectricNRGII ElectricNRGII 27 December 2018


So I really love Easter eggs in games and I’m wondering what Easter eggs we can find! Please attach a image of said Easter egg and what it’s from

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NutellaSoldier NutellaSoldier 18 December 2018

Dead Rising 4 was trash

To me dead rising 4 wasn't so good, but my favorite out of the series is 3.

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Nixerix Nixerix 9 August 2018

Off the Record Bugs and Glitches (Xbox One)

Just keeping my own personal list of all the bugs and glitches I've encountered while playing Off the Record on the Xbox One. The 360 version runs fine... but I'm having a ton of issues with the new version. 

+ When re-loading a checkpoint while playing in co-op, your money will start to drain and start to show you as having a negative dollar amount. It might actually show you as having a negative dollar amount even if you haven't spent anything. It fixes itself eventually or if you try to spend something it will go back to normal. 

+ The physics are completely fucked and so Frank can no longer jump on things to crush them, such as a box or a chair. Instead, he clips on to the item and just floats in the air. You're completely in limbo until…

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Rcschott Rcschott 22 May 2017

New Microsoft Windows

Does anybody had to create a plan to make of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Case West for Microsoft Windows?

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The Platinum Badge

I did it! I managed to get Psychopath For Editing Platinium Badge! I'm so happy that I almost cannot believe this! It was a bit difficult to contribiute everyday but I had a motivation and I managed to do it.

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Markmossing Markmossing 2 January 2017

Jessica Mcarney Xnalara REUPLOAD

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Gamebuster 3300 Gamebuster 3300 6 December 2016

Dead rising 4 outbreak

So, here's my theory the best one. While frank west and his student visit the military base they try to evolve the zombies and you can see that the cloned humans that were turned into an evolved zombie. After, the photos gathered and the zombies released out of there cells to kill the soilders later on brad witch workes for the Zdc says that the outbreak happened it willimette 6 weeks before the scene. My theory is that when the dude from dr3 was used to make a cure some scientists that were still working on evolving the zombies or possibly (phenotrans) made the evolved zombies to be stronger than the cure and infect others. And btw I forgot to say that franks gathered information wasn't enough for the base to be shut down and this is why…

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Nixerix Nixerix 29 November 2016

Dead Rising 4/Update-ish

Does anybody plan on getting Dead Rising 4, or have any of you pre-ordered it? I'm just curious, as it seems there has been some interest, with people adding information from what has been leaked and announced so far (thanks so much for that by the way)! I don't plan on getting it myself, and worry about if we won't be able to provide enough information on the wikia for people who will be searching. I encourage anybody who is interested in getting the game to add on, if you are able to. Every little bit helps! I'm sorry that I haven't really done much to help, but I haven't been that active here lately, nor have I been all that excited to get my hands on the game. Information related to Dead Rising 3 is still far from finished, and so I fee…

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KyleLikesWWE KyleLikesWWE 23 October 2016

Dead Rising Remaster Changes

There's just a few changes in the game I've noticed, not counting lighting and stuff like that. Let me know of any changes you've found.

  • When you first enter Seons Food and Stuff and get the call from Otis, he now says "Frank, You're in the Supermarket" instead of just "Frank you're in Supermarket"
  • Different Saving Menu (which is quicker)
  • Driving controls changed of those to Dead Rising 2 (Really annoying for bicylcle. Mashing RT doesn't feel right)
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KyleLikesWWE KyleLikesWWE 9 October 2016

What They Should've Done for Dead Rising 1 Remaster

If you're like me, you were dissapointed when you found out 10 years of Dead Rising lead to a cheap 1080p 60fps cash grab. Capcom should've put some effort and made a definitive edition of Dead Rising 1 for the 10 year anniversary, with features such as:

  • Improved Graphics & Frame Rate - It's a given
  • Zombie Density - Control the minimum ammount of zombies that will appear (Increases by 50% on Day 2, another 50% on Day 3)
  • New Achievements - Throw a little accomplishment into the game. I don't want to get all the achievements I got on XBOX 360 again. Give me something new.
  • New characters to play as - Imagine playing as Chuck or Nick in the world of DR1. Modders can already do that, but not just a model swap. There should be specific skills for th…
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Sullvian Sullvian 18 June 2016

Dead Rising 2:Case West

Hi everyone , i have this question , does Case West DLC is canon and is there any blog or post that comfirm canon by Capcom ? Because i'm so confused about the Ending S and Ending A.

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Nifara822 Nifara822 18 June 2016

What Dead Rising Survivor Would You Like To See Return In Dead Rising 4

So I'm pretty sure you are all hyped for Dead Rising 4 Right? Well I know I am, I made this blog post because I hope one of the survivors from the 1st Dead Rising would make a return. So (if Capcom Vancouver ever does this) What survivors from the 1st Dead Rising would you want to be in Dead Rising 4. Mine Are Mindy,Paul,Burt,Brett And Aaron.

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The Puppeteer King The Puppeteer King 7 April 2016

Dead Rising Drinking Game

Hey everyone,

Since the Dead Rising series of reptitive themes or characters or moments, I thought I'd make fun of it by making a drinking game based on these moments. Obvious spoilers are ahead but I'll try to be vague on some parts


This isn't a bash against the Dead Rising series, I personally love the games and their DLC but I thought I'd point out some of the moments that have been repeated accross the games. 

If for some reason you are afraid of the Dead Rising themes then this game might eliminate some of your fears

As a personal rule, the moments that need you to take a shot will need to have been spread out across two or more games or a game and a DLC

lets get this started

  • Take a shot if the protagonists first name ends with K
  • Take a …
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MaxDavydoff89 MaxDavydoff89 23 August 2015

MaximumMod is coming....

Actually not.

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SlenderDev SlenderDev 5 July 2015

All DR games coming to Xbox One

Sorry, folks - no backwards compatibility yet. Luckily, all Dead Rising games have been remastered and are now available on Xbox One and Playstation. Be sure to check them out or upgrade if you haven't already! SlenderDev (talk) 22:21, March 1, 2018 (UTC)

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Nixerix Nixerix 5 July 2015


I was on vacation for almost two weeks and haven't edited extensively on any wikia for almost three weeks. Now that I've taken such a long break, I come back to it and I just feel.. overwhelmed. There's just so much work to do and I don't know where to start. I usually like to jump around and work on a few different things to keep myself from feeling bored, but I don't feel like I can do that right now. Working on one thing will make me feel burnt out. I just don't know.

Maybe just a heads up to our other regular editors who may be looking out for me or wondering if an admin is still present. I always a wikia tab open and I can always check my messages from anywhere on wikia, so if you are in need of an admin, message me. I mean, I'll proba…

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Dalekdrone11 Dalekdrone11 12 June 2015

Roleplay: Phoenix Wright and Deadrising 2 cross over

This is a roleplay which is simple. Chuck Greene has been accused of causing the fortune city out break. A lawyer must prove him innocent! The Lawyer must also prove some of the witness' ( TK, Rebecca Chang, Sullivan) to be lying!

Characters you can be

The defendant: Chuck Greene

The lawyer Phoenix Wright

The Prosecutor: a prosecutor from Ace attorney of your choice

Witness': TK, Rebecca, Sullivan and maybe others


Have fun!

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Nixerix Nixerix 20 May 2015

Wikia Update 5/19/2015

It's been a year since the last update. Not much to say, just a few things for our current editors. Some things you may or may not have noticed.

  • Nearly all articles that were imported (that have "/import" in the title) have been completely merged with the already extistant page. That means that finding the right page is going to be much easier, information is all in the same place, and it means less pages for the wikia overall. This was a team effort and I want to thank everybody for their help. When the merge started, we had over 10,000 pages, and we're now below 5,000. It took over a year, but I think we're in a good place now and are finally ready to move forward.
  • I recently made some cosmetic changes to the wikia by changing the backgrou…
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Smartboy201 Smartboy201 2 March 2015

"Garden Of Peace" glitch.

One of the earliest series of posts I made here, was for Garden of Peace, specifically involving a glitch where Wrath would continue to attack after the cutscene where he'd be dead. Thinking it over, it might've been a problem with my game, or maybe the coders planned for events to occur a certain way in the battle, thus making his "death" impossible to occur in-between programmed events in the fight.

... Well, now I think I should bring up exactly what to do, to see if anyone can get the same effect!

You'll need to have obtained the Jazz Hands in the game, and started Story Mode from Chapter 0 (Dead End) for a second time. Considering it's a generally early mission, it's pretty fast to get to, so it won't feel too monotonous. On Story Mode …

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Smartboy201 Smartboy201 26 February 2015

Finally complete.

After a massive amount of copying, deletion, de-synchronization, more deletion, starting DR3's fourth DLC at level 1, and going through the whole thing all over again, finally, I obtained the "Ashes to Ashes"-Achievement.

But doing all that, just makes me wonder; what can the Wiki do to help others get it, considering the amount of information they'd need to know in order to obtain this achievement? Unlike most achievements on Steam, this doesn't seem like the type of achievement that should be "kept for only the most devoted of players": It's literally an achievement, based around resilience to obtain it, by messing around with the programming, assuming you don't outright start the game off with going straight for it in the fourth DLC.


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Smartboy201 Smartboy201 21 February 2015

Destroying Biohazard Piles-Glitch (Spoilers for The Last Agent DLC)

So my copy of Dead Rising 3 apparently has a bug that's... disturbingly enough, fairly common, according to a few other comment sections on Steam and an Achievement Hunter website.

So, in The Last Agent DLC, about halfway (or further) through, the game gives the player the ability to go after piles of Zombie Corpses, most of which marked with green flares. This isn't too bad of a "collectable" to go after; it's sort've similar to burning posters in the Fallen Angel DLC.

The thing is, when the player gets to around 36 "burnings" of "Biohazard Piles", the game suddenly refuses to go beyond that number regardless of how many other piles are destroyed. It simply repeats "36/40" for the remaining piles.

While there seem to be some ideas to fix the…

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Smartboy201 Smartboy201 15 February 2015

Dead Rising 3 Nightmare Mode

So... yeah; it's sort've amazing how, the first time through, I skimmed bits of time off of Nightmare Mode's clock in an attempt to gain some kills for one of the PP Trials, and by Chapter Five, it says I only have "two days" left. I try doing it again without much deviation (Still saving stranded survivors), and manage to almost gain an entire DAY.

Roughly 40% of the reason for success this time around, ended up being a result of planning ahead before some of the quests were even available, with another 40% being the insane power of "Jazz Hands".

... I guess the remaining 20% comes from being able to do certain missions simultaneously, particularly near the end of some of the chapters.

Aaaaand since it's obvious, another 100% of the reason f…

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 18 January 2015

Dead Rising: Anniversary

So I have been thinking, with games like Halo and Fable being remastered, I was thinking that what if the original Dead Rising was remastered as well?

With next year being the offical 10th anniversary of Dead Rising, I wonder if it's possible for a remasted version of the game. Seeing that looking back on the game, it's been sort of outdated with it's stuff (Such as the "Pronto Pronto" survivor in the beginning when he widens his eyes look pretty weird, some of the weapons looking a bit outdated, etc)

If it were to happen, I think the graphics should be a cross between Dead Rising 2's and 3's graphics, and depending on what you think (and if possible), with either a modified engine or possibly the engine that any current Dead Rising may have…

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LeFrenchFox LeFrenchFox 29 November 2014

About my personal website

Notice that my personal website is an artworks gallery website containing adult contents that may not be suitable to every public.


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SlenderDev SlenderDev 23 September 2014

Submit DR4 pyschopath ideas

I thought it would be nice to give Capcom some ideas for pyschopaths in Dead Rising 4, kinda like how we did back in 2010 when Dead Rising 2 was being made. So if you got any cool ideas, just submit them below.

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Brown7 Brown7 12 September 2014

I'm new to the Wikia game

Let me know what's going on here.

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BTHR Zero X BTHR Zero X 5 September 2014

Dead Rising 3 PC comes with bonus digital artbook and guide

Hey guys, as a little surprise follow-up to the Dead Rising 3 PC launch post, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that everyone who gets the game will also receive a premium digital artbook and truncated strategy guide as a bonus.

If you've already purchased the game, you'll find the content here:

SteamApps>common>deadrising3>Digital Extras


Right-click Dead Rising 3 in your Steam client>Properties>Local Files tab>Browse Local Files>Digital Extras folder

Enjoy the extra stuff! [1]

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Dan67 Dan67 12 August 2014

Deadrising 3:So lonely

I beaten the game with ending C by myself since I couldn't find anybody to help me and when I do find somebody they get annoyed by my own presence and boot me from their game even though I have not done nor say nothing to them.

Put your gamertag in the comments so I can find a co-op partner to get the Megaman X Outift since I already reached level 50 within two weeks before the gameplay started to melt down to frank statues, ZDC Speakers and a few blueprints that I have yet to found.

Okay calm down I edited a bunch of deadrising 3 combo cards since they are lacking information so le me decided to edit the pages with a bit more content so if your still paranoid by my recent actions then please consult me and recheck the wiki activity.

This blu…

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Ujimasa Hojo Ujimasa Hojo 1 August 2014

Chef Antoine versus Purewal Memorial Cup

I keep seeing a lot of people claiming to have not gotten the Purewal Achievement/Trophy even if they only drank orange juice. I was wondering if Chef Antoine's "forcefeed" attack would count as a violation. Thoughts?

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Ujimasa Hojo Ujimasa Hojo 26 July 2014

Ticket to Ride "Skip" Glitch

I recently bought Off the Record and was doing Case 3-1: Ticket to Ride. After the first scene where TK send mercenaries against Frank, I decided to save first. As I approached the save point however, the screen suddenly faded to black and then the cutscene where Frank gets on the train played and I'm on the moving train part already. Basically, the part where I have to catch up with the train on a motorcycle was skipped. Did this happen to anybody else even in the original DR2?

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BTHR Zero X BTHR Zero X 17 July 2014

Alpha Vs. Omega, Purewal Memorial Cup and Cramped Quarters Trophies.

If you are a Playstation 3 User and you need these trophies I am willing to help. I have a Savefile for Alpha Vs. Omega and Purewal Memorial Cup, as well as another for Cramped Quarters.

So Basically if you need these Trophies, Message on here on PSN (BTHRZeroX), I'll invite you in to a Game, you follow me and you earn the trophies :D

It shouldn't take more then 10 -20 Mins or so :)

There is DLC for the Game which I do own, if you do not own the DLC there is a FREE Support Pack you can download on the PSN Store. You will need it.

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Kaylin87 Kaylin87 11 July 2014

Seeking players to play Dead Rising 2 Co-op Story achievement.

So I am currently on Case Files 2-2 without a co-op partner 

I did the following cases with co-op

Case 1  (All)

Case 2-1 

Overtime Mode (The end battle)

My xbox account is in my profile 

Jill ValentLne is the name


Cleared all Cases with co-op Partners 

will leave this blog up for if others wish to leave a message for help but I just got mine last night.

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SlenderDev SlenderDev 6 July 2014

Dead Rising 2 co-op game

Hey guys! Just wanted to give a heads up that I will be hosting Dead Rising 2 co-op game on Xbox 360. The game will happen in the upcoming weeks, probably one of the first days in August.So please comment if you want to be in it and if you do please comment your gamertag so that way I can add you.You could add me as gamertag is : UltimateDefcon. Hope to see you guys there!

Theoriginal66 (talk) 03:06, July 6, 2014 (UTC) 

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SlenderDev SlenderDev 13 June 2014

Frank West, Chuck Greene, or Nick Ramos

who is the best dead rising character? nick, frank, or chuck? comment below!!

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SlenderDev SlenderDev 13 June 2014

Dead Rising 4 ideas?

Anyone got ideas of what Dead Rising 4 should be about? If so, please comment!!

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Nixerix Nixerix 9 June 2014

*NEW* Dead Rising 3 DLC!

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Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 5 June 2014

Dead Rising 3 Could be Coming to PC

A mysterious listing, now deleted, in the Steam Database might indicate that Dead Rising 3 is coming to PC later this year, which is great news for Dead Rising fans who have yet to invest in the Xbox One.

Polygon managed to capture a link of the suspicious entry before it was altered.

So what do you think? Is it real or not? Voice your opinion in the comments! For updates on Dead Rising (and more), stay tuned to Wikia's E3 2014 Portal!

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Nixerix Nixerix 28 April 2014

Wikia Update 04/27/14

I thought it was due time to bring another update to the active editors here on the wikia just to talk about a few things that have happened since the merge for those interested.

  • All of the content from the other dead rising wikia has now been imported which included all of their pages and pictures. We didn't get their videos for some odd reason, but our video library has remained intact. Any imported article will have PAGENAME/import as the title, with an import tag on the page, to make it easier for us to merge the two articles together. During the initial merge, there was confusion with the wikia staff and the imported pages were imported as DRW PAGENAME. This has been fixed however.
  • If you see a page that you don't think we don't need (s…

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Reversinator Reversinator 11 April 2014

What's in a name?

Can I ask why, if two characters share a name, this fact is listed? it seems like every trivia section has at least one "Hey, there's this other guy named Dean in this other game!" After the tenth or so time this occurs, it really isn't that notable, and I don't particularly find it interesting. I mean, they're human beings; of course there's going to be some overlap at some point. I'm fine with there being a giant list for all of them, like in the survivor list articles, if only for the sole reason of clarifying that they're separate characters, but I find it a bit cumbersome to have all of the individual articles mention it. So, what do the rest of you guys think? Should we start clearing them out, or should we leave them as it is?

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WalkingDead1998 WalkingDead1998 8 December 2013

Competition between wikias

Hello, I'm WalkingDead, or you could call me Nathan. I'm making a blog about an inviting this wiki to join a wikia competition. This wiki could become bigger, and get more users to join here. I hope that you all want to do this.

The Link-

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Wenis mckneenis Wenis mckneenis 3 April 2014

Dead Rising 4?

Will there ever be a Dead Rising 4? I do not have an xbox one and refuse to watch videos to see what happened, is this even possible? Please no spoilers in the posts.

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Nixerix Nixerix 12 March 2014

Dead Rising Wikia Current News/Updates

It's been awhile since I've posted any kind of blog, and I feel that I should be trying to keep the current editors 'in the loop' so to speak about what's happening on the wikia, and to ask your opinions about how the wikia is run. There are a few things I'd like to bring to everybody's attention.

  • 1 Rollback
  • 2 Merge
    • 2.1 Style
  • 3 Dead Rising 3 DLC
  • 4 In Closing

I recently gave rollback rights to Alockwood1. This will be greatly helpful to all users on wikia, as he is able to patrol for any spammers or counter productive edits if I'm not around. This will allow us to keep the wikia cleaner. :)

The users who originally worked on/founded the wikia eventually left to a different site, but have now decided to come back to wikia. The owner of the other website…

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JPBrigatti JPBrigatti 23 February 2014

Dead Rising 3 DLC Idea 1: Begin Again

This is a Dead Rising 3 DLC Idea Concept. It's called "Begin Again". It's basically the Los Perdidos Outbreak from Chuck Greene's perspective.

  • 1 Main Details
    • 1.1 Title:
    • 1.2 Setting:
    • 1.3 Main Character:
    • 1.4 Optional Multiplayer Character:
    • 1.5 Exclusive Weapon(s):
    • 1.6 Exclusive Vehicle(s):
    • 1.7 Exclusive Unlockable Outfit for Greene:
    • 1.8 Story:
    • 1.9 Gameplay/Length:
    • 1.10 Extras & Cross-Over Options from Main Game save:
  • 2 New Survivors
    • 2.1 #1 - Trials and Tribulations
    • 2.2 #2 - Checkmate
    • 2.3 #3 and #4 - Pray for Us
    • 2.4 #5 - The Perfect Strike
    • 2.5 #6 - Arithmetical Problem
    • 2.6 #7 and #8 - Some Help You Were
    • 2.7 9# - She Doesn't Mess Around
    • 2.8 10# - Your Nightmares Come Back
  • 3 New Psychopaths
    • 3.1 #1 - Gary Finkel
    • 3.2 #2 - Robert Hernandez (Denial)
    • 3.3 #3 - Nikki Valentine (Anger)
    • 3.4 #4 - Andy B…

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Nixerix Nixerix 19 December 2013

Applying for further administrative rights for the wikia.

Greetings all, and thanks for helping with information for Dead Rising 3. I think that the information is all slowly coming together and everything looks great. :)

I'm making a quick blog go inform the community that I have recently applied for bureaucratic rights for this wikia. Back when I adopted this wikia back in August, I was not able to obtain these rights as one of the other admins was not inactive for more than 60 days. Wikia staff have asked that I put out a message to inform the community that I am going to do this, in case any problems arise.

Having bureaucratic rights will allow me to take my admin rights further. I will be able to better deal with spammers and vandals, and it will also allow me to change the user rights for any…

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