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"Whoa, dude crying over some jewelry at the Almuda Bus Depot. Get him a tissue?"
Jamie Flynt

Blood Barter is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

Jamie will call about this side mission after Nick has successfully completed all sabotage tasks and has been instructed by Red to head to the police station during Chapter 3.[1]


Nick receives a call from Jamie regarding a man who is seen crying at the Los Perdidos Bus Depot. Upon investigating, Nick encounters a distraught individual named Troy Glover. Troy's anguish stems from parting with a cherished keepsake that once belonged to his deceased daughter. The locket, which he reluctantly sold, was meant to secure his escape from the city. However, the buyer deceived him, leaving Troy remorseful for letting go of a precious memento out of desperation.

At Speedy's G Spot, Nick speaks to Kent DeMare and Jesse Miller concerning the locket. After their refusal to return it, both Kent and Jesse launch an attack. Once Kent is defeated, the locket can be retrieved from his lifeless body, and recruiting Jesse becomes possible. Another approach involves eliminating Jesse first and then dealing with Kent. However, opting for this sequence renders Jesse ineligible for recruitment. Failing this mission results in the loss of recruitable status for both Jesse and Troy, even if Kent is eliminated.

Upon successfully recovering the locket and returning it to Troy, he expresses gratitude towards Nick and subsequently joins his group.


  • Do not leave the area until Nick talks to Jesse first, to ensure Jesse becomes recruitable as a posse member after retrieving Troy's locket. Otherwise, Jesse will not be added to the survivor bulletin board if he is ignored after the battle.
  • Bringing posse members armed with Split Shot is not recommended, as they can easily kill Jesse. The player can use a survivor command to instruct posse members to wait elsewhere until the battle is over, or swap out their Split Shot with a melee weapon.



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