Blood Barter
Blood Barter 4
Location Los Perdidos Bus Depot

Speedy's G Spot

Psychopath(s) Kent DeMare
Survivor(s) Troy Glover
Jesse Miller
PP 25,000
"Whoa, dude crying over some jewlery at the Almuda Bus Depot. Get him a tissue?"
Jamie Flynt

Blood Barter is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

Jamie will call about this side mission after you've been asked by Red to go to the police station during Chapter 3.[1]


Nick receives a call from Jamie about a man crying at the Los Perdidos Bus Depot. When Nick investigates, he finds a man named Troy there who is distraught over selling a precious keepsake of his deceased daughter. The locket that he sold was supposed to grant him passage out of the city, but the man who bought it swindled him. He begs that Nick retrieve it for him, as he regrets selling something so precious to him out of desperation.

At Speedy's G Spot, Nick can speak to Kent and Jesse regarding the locket. After refusing to give it back, Kent and Jesse will both attack. Once Kent has been killed, the locket can be retrieved from his body and Jesse can also be recruited. There is also the option of killing Jesse first and killing Kent afterwards. but Jesse will no longer be recruitable. If this mission is failed, neither Jesse nor Troy will be recruitable, even if Kent is Killed.

After returning the locket to Troy, he will thank Nick and join his posse.



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