Bob's Fish 'n Hunt
Bob's Fish 'n Hunt
Store Number P107
Location Still Creek
Type Hunting
Survivor(s) Darcie Blackrock
Scoop(s) Above the Law
"The only thing better than hauling in a 22 pounds bass is downing a 300 pound deer! Either way, we've got everything you need."
—Still Creek Map

Bob's Fish 'n Hunt is a store located in Still Creek in Case Zero. It is owned by Bob Blackrock. His daughter can be found looking for him here. There is also a Broadsword for Archie here.

How to AccessEdit




  • Hunting Jacket


  • The store description on the map has a spelling error: "a 22 pounds bass" should be "a 22 pound bass."
  • On the map, Bob's Fish 'n Hunt's number is P107, missing the R that numbers that the other stores have.


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