Bob Blackrock
Dead rising bob bust.png
Age 52
Notebook Number 03
Notebook Description The Owner of Bob's Fish 'n Hunt, and pretty handy with a gun. Found on the rooftops.
Weapon Assault Rifle
Location Rooftop of hotel
Scoop(s) Above the Law
PP 2,000 PP (Join)

3,500 PP (Escort)

"Nosiree, buster. My daughter's missing. I ain't moving 'til I find her. If you like, I can be your look out while I try and find her!"
—Bob, speaking to Chuck

Bob Blackrock is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Bob is the owner of Bob's Fish 'n Hunt, who has climbed through a hatch to reach the rooftops of surrounding buildings. After Dick Jones is rescued or killed, Bob appears on the roof of the building next to the Still Creek Hotel. He will refuse to be rescued, because his daughter has yet to be found, and will remain safe of the roof shooting at the zombies below with an Assault Rifle.

He serves the same purpose of Otis Washington, alerting Chuck to potential missions.

Above the Law[edit | edit source]

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Bob informs Chuck that he has seen his daughter Darcie in his hunting store. He requests Chuck to check and see if she is okay.

After Chuck finds Darcie in the store, she claims that her father is really protective and would want to know that no "funny business" is going on between them. She then asks Chuck to bring her father into the store.

Bob demands to know if Chuck had touched Darcie, which Chuck denies. Bob agrees to follow him to the store but says that he'll keep an eye on him. Upon reuniting with his daughter, Bob hugs her and agrees to accompany Chuck back to the Brockett Gas Station.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a fresh wound on Bob's face, with a few stitches, indicating he may have been attacked and wounded during the outbreak in Still Creek, or at least shortly before-hand.
  • If Bob defects, he is much more difficult to kill than the mechanic Jed Wright. An Assault Rifle is the best weapon to use against him.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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