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"Skewer zombies to deliver pointblank shotgun glory!"
—Combo card description

The Boomstick is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is created by combining a pitchfork with a shotgun.

This combo weapon is described as:

"If your aim is terrible, you may want to consider the Boomstick. Stab a zombie with the pitchfork to keep them in place, and blast them with the shotgun to, well, not keep them in place."[1]

Attacks and combo card[]

Boomstick combo card
Prestige points Main: 200
Alternate: 2500
Dead rising 2 combo card Boomstick.jpg
Main attack (press X button/Square button) Stab a zombie with the pitchfork and fire, killing any zombies that are behind the blast. Dead rising boomstick main.png
Alternate attack (hold X button/Square button) Stab a zombie with the pitchfork, lift it up, and fire three times, each blast causing chunks of the zombie to fly off in bits. Using the heavy attack will make the gun use three shots instead of one. Dead rising boomstick alternate.png
Description Skewer zombies to deliver pointblank shotgun glory!
–All prestige points listed here are halved when the weapon’s combo card is not owned and the player only has a scratch card.

Weapon component locations[]

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons required to make the Boomstick:

Component Location Component Location
Dead rising Pitchfork.png
 Dead Rising 2

 Case Zero

Dead rising Shotgun (Dead Rising 2).png
 Dead Rising 2

 Case Zero


  • In Case Zero, psychopath Jed Wright carries this weapon. He can aim and use the shotgun as a firearm, unlike Chuck, who cannot use the shotgun function without stabbing a zombie first.
  • The image shown in the infobox shows that the shotgun has a stock, but during gameplay, it does not.
  • The Boomstick has 30 shotgun rounds instead of the 20 the original shotgun has.
  • The boomstick as armor-piercing bullets, allowing for a single blast to clear out multiple zombies in a single blast. Chuck can also beat a Mercenary/Looter with said blast if the positioning is in his favor.
  • This weapon cannot be aimed like a conventional gun; instead, it is thrown. If a zombie is killed using this method, the gun will register as if a shot had been fired, and will still reward you 200 PP.
  • If the player tries to attack survivors or psychopaths with this weapon, he will only stab them with the pitchfork of the gun. The shotgun never fires, merely causes a bit of damage, and will actually start to degrade or break, even if several shots remain.
  • This weapon appeared in Dead Rising: Watchtower and was shown weilded by one of the biker gang members.
  • The Boomstick is likely a reference to the movie Army of Darkness from 1992. Ash describes his shotgun as "Boom Stick" to the people who never saw a firearm before.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Natural Born Kissers",  a farmer uses a shotgun with a pitchfork attached to it. Since this episode appears in 1997, it possibly serves as another inspiration behind the combo-weapon.
  • The Boomstick awards the most PP out of all combo weapons: its heavy attack gives 2500 PP, making it great for earning lots of PP in a short time.
  • The Boomstick was featured in Monster Hunter: Frontier as an available weapon. Those who bought a Japanese copy of Dead Rising 2 were given a redeemable Xbox 360/PC code to receive it. 
  • The Boomstick is referred to as the "PitchForkShotgun" in the PC game file items.txt.
  • The Boomstick is not affected by the Soldier of Fortune Skills Pack.




Dead rising 2 boomstick


  1. On top of the circular sign
  2. On high steel girders; climb up the speakers on the right
  3. Held by a cop zombie
  4. In the straight stretch of the tunnel near the stairs to the Food Court, held by a cop zombie
  5. Behind the counter before the dancefloor
  6. After the restroom
  7. Held by a cop zombie on top of the slot machines by the large Aztec statue
  8. Held by a cop zombie near the hallway to the green room
  9. Can be obtained after he is defeated


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