Break and Enter
Location U Break Wi Fix / Wrench-O-Rama
Next Mission Feed the People

Break and Enter is the first Smartglass mission in Dead Rising 3. It will be unlocked after Explore While Rhonda's Busy is made available. This mission can only be played if the Xbox One Smartglass app is connected to the game.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Nick gets a call from Jamie, saying that he's found a code to a stash of weapons, but he wants Nick to do a favor for him first. He asks him to go to the Safe Zone above U Break Wi Fix and clear out the zombies there. After the area is cleared out, he'll call to thank him and gives him the code to the Strong Box outside Wrench-O-Rama. The mission ends after the box is opened, with Jamie calling back to say that the codes that he has could be used for other stuff, but he isn't sure what they are yet.

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