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Brian Scherbey is a survivor in Dead Rising 2 found at the South Plaza and is involved with Brains Over Brawn. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

He was also mentioned on the Tape it or Die website in a blog, having been found by Gretchen while she searched the city for supplies.

Tape it or Die[]

Gretchen Peregrine explains in her Tape it or Die blog that Brian was found in the South Plaza. He and his friends, John Boog, Curtis Ellenton, and Kevin Meyers, were found playing a board game in a construction zone. Their behavior deterred Gretchen from escorting them to Johnny Pipes's hide out. The quad of men managed to slip their business cards in Gretchen's pocket just as she was leaving.

Brains Over Brawn[]

In the mission Brains Over Brawn, Chuck finds Brian and his three friends, Curtis Ellenton, Kevin Meyers, and John Boog, huddled over a board game in an unfinished shop in the South Plaza mall. Chuck attempts to convince the costumed men to join him so he can lead them to safety at the Fortune City Emergency Shelter. However, they refuse to listen. As soon as Chuck mentions that there are women in the shelter, John and his friends finally agree and follow Chuck to the safe house.

Alternatively, if a young, female survivor is in Chuck's party, John and his friends will immediately join Chuck after noticing that he has a girl with him.


  • Brian shares the same face as Drake Danton and Marvin Horner.
  • Based off his appearance (a nerdy black man wearing suspenders), he might be a Reference to Steve Urkel From Family Matters.
  • If he defects he won't attack Chuck, but will instead run away.