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"The casinos are insured for stuff like this, but I'm probably going to lose my job."
—Brittany, upon being brought to the Safe House

Brittany Beck is a survivor in Dead Rising 2 found in the Americana Casino during the mission Workers Compensation. Although Brittany Beck does not exist in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, her model is used as Lulu Barra.

Workers Compensation[]

In Workers Compensation, Brittany is a casino worker at the Americana Casino. After the outbreak, she and another co-worker, Stuart Holmes are smashing slot machines in the casino and grabbing money. Upon seeing Chuck Greene, she begs him to knock some sense into Stuart. After Stuart agrees to follow Chuck to the Safe House, Brittany agrees to be escorted as well.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record[]

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Dead rising off the record brittany is lulu.jpg
Brittany is renamed Lulu Barra in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, where she is located in the safe house from the very beginning of the game.[1][2][3] This may be the case because there was possibly no agreement with Playboy for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record in order to use the Playboy Bunny model, as there was with Dead Rising 2.


  • If Stuart is killed by the zombies or Chuck, Brittany will cry at his corpse.
  • Brittany Beck's model is reused in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record as Lulu Barra.
  • Brittany's speed is average compared to the other survivors.