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"If we don't help ourselves, who will?"
—Camille, after being rescued

Camille Payne is a survivor in Dead Rising 2 who appears in the mission Family Feud.

She is the mother of Lillian Payne, a distraught woman threatening to commit suicide. She reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role, though her daughter is not contemplating suicide and Camille can be found in the Food Court.

Family Feud[]

Dead Rising 2[]

In Family Feud, after talking to Lillian on top of the Fortune City Hotel, Camille can be found in the Atlantica Casino, where she is fending off zombies at the entrance with a lead pipe. She and her daughter could not agree on a location to seek refuge in during the outbreak and were separated. After talking to her about her daughter, she will join Chuck's party.

Once reunited with her daughter, she can convince her to step down and the mother/daughter pair will embrace in a hug. After that, Camille can be escorted to the Safe House with Lillian.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record[]

In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Camille and her daughter had an argument and were separated amidst the outbreak in the city. While Lillian is on the hotel rooftop, Camille has found refuge in one of the Food Court restaurants. When Frank finds her, she pleads that he take her to Lillian, worried that her daughter may do something reckless, stating that she is a tomboy and always liked guns instead of dolls when she hears that Lillian has a shotgun.

Once reunited on at the hotel, Camille will agree to be taken to the Safe House with her daughter.


  • Camille shares the same face model as Andrea Brenser.
  • According to the game's files, there is a protestor at the CURE rally that goes by the name of "protCamille", though when this character is spawned, it is actually Andrea Brenser. This is probably a naming error, possibly due to how identical Camille and Andrea are.
  • If Camille is killed, left behind or even brought back to the safe house before she reunites with her daughter, Lillian will kill herself and is unable to be saved.
  • Camille seems to have a unique A.I, because if Chuck hits her, she will not hit him back, but if Chuck hits Lillian, then Camille will attack and hit Chuck (but Lillian will not, Lillian will also not hit Chuck if Chuck hits Camille, like Camille does for her). And if Lillian defects, Camille will not defect, but if Lillian dies, then Camille will defect, the same goes for Lillian with Camille.