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For the Dead Rising weapon, see Can Drinks. For food, see Case West's Soda or Dead Rising 2's Large Soda.

Canned Drinks is a weapon found exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Case West. It is a rectangular cardboard package of 12 aluminum cans filled with a lemon flavored carbonated beverage.

This weak weapon is similar in appearance and attack to the Dead Rising Can Drinks. Chuck throws the individual pop cans at zombies, similar to Gems and CDs. Soda cans are thrown individually at one zombie at a time with no ricocheting. There are twelve cans per box.


  • Main: Tap X button to throw the cans.


  • The canned drink can be modded into Off the Record.[1]
  • The Canned Drink (CannedDrinks) is also referred to as a pop can (popcan) in the Off the Record items.txt file.
  • The pop cans are destroyed on contact.[2]
  • The writing on the box: Lemon Pop - 12 cans - Enjoy a refreshing lemon beverage. With real lemon. Yes. real lemon. Seriously - Cool 12 pack
Dead rising 2 otr modded canned drink.jpg
Dead rising 2 otr modded canned drink 3.jpg




Dead rising 2 off the record case west canned drinks


  1. Source: Freako's Modding Topic, Dead Rising 2 Mod Proboards Forum. With several errors:
    No HUD icon
    No sound effects when the cans hitting zombies per proboards modder
  2. In items.txt, PopCan has DestroyOnThrownImpact = "true". see Mod:List of items.