Collect Cannon's Ring 2
Job Gang Member
Weapon Hand Cannon
Location Warehouse A-119
Mission(s) Collect Cannon's Ring

Cannons is a character in the Dead Rising 3 DLC Chaos Rising.

She is one of three captains who work for Spider. Hunter decides to hunt the three captains down to diminish Spider's hold on the biker gang. True to her name, she wields a Hand Cannon as a weapon.

Cannons is hiding at Warehouse A-119 in South Almuda and will drop a ring when killed.


  • She is the only known female member of the King of Chaos biker gang.
  • Cannons is the only female survivor in Dead Rising 3 to be hostile.
  • Hunter hints that he finds Cannons quite attractive, and is sad to "have to" kill her.
  • Cannons is the only member of the Kings of Chaos who strictly uses a gun, although Spider is armed with a Six Shooter.
  • On rare occasions, a glitch occurs where Cannons will not run out of the warehouse, instead just standing by the window, making her invulnerable. To fix it the player must repeatedly jump between her and the wall until they land on the board outside, prompting Cannons to attack. She will not run across the rooftops as she does normally, and despite her ring-dropping animation being still in the warehouse, the ring will be where she should have died.
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