Carl Schliff
Dead rising carl bust
Voice Actor Samuel Vincent
Status Deceased
Age 32
Notebook Number 008
Notebook Description A pathologically loyal public servant. Neither snow, or sleet... nor zombies shall keep him from his appointed rounds.
Health 3200 (Dead Rising 2)
3000 (Off the Record)
Job Mailman
Weapon Mailbombs
Location Royal Flush Plaza
Mission(s) Mail Order Zombrex
PP 20,000

"Neither rain nor sleet nor hail, nor zombies are going to keep me from my appointed rounds!"
—Carl, explaining his "oath"

Carl Schliff is a psychopath in Dead Rising 2. He is a mailman that is determined to never fail at his job and can be found in the mission Mail Order Zombrex. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role, though he accuses Frank West of mail fraud after he signs for a package, declaring that he has damaged the postal service and America and attacks Frank as a result.

Tape It Or DieEdit

Tape It Or Die blogger Wallace Hertzog met Carl Schliff during the Fortune City Outbreak he blogged:

"[My father] once said to me that there are two jobs that he has the utmost respect for: soldiers, and postmen. I understood why he respected soldiers. But postmen? That through me for a loop at the time. Now I think I understand...[Carl] seemed more worried about someone signing for his delivery...than he did about being bitten. I can respect that, although I think he may be a little out of touch with reality."[1]

Mail Order ZombrexEdit

In Mail Order Zombrex, Carl is a mailman that has never failed at his job and plans to keep it that way, regardless of whether or not there's an outbreak going on. Chuck Greene spots Carl trying to deliver a package in the Royal Flush Plaza. Noticing Chuck, Carl asks him to sign for the package. Chuck tells Carl about the zombies, but Carl responds that he has sworn an oath and angrily demands a signature for the package. Chuck sees that the package Carl has is Zombrex, and realizes that he is willing to hand it over in return for anyone's signature. Chuck takes the opportunity and signs for it, but his signature allows Carl to identify him, and believing he is the cause of the outbreak, refuses to give him the Zombrex, instead giving him a mailbomb. Chuck tosses the bomb back into Carl's mailcart, which explodes. He jumped out and mumbled that he never failed his postal service and just failed because Chuck released the zombies.He then picks up a nearby shotgun and says `YOU ARE GOING TO PAY!`, before attacking Chuck.

Carl and Chuck fight, and Carl is defeated. Chuck then takes the Zombrex out of Carl's bag saying he needs it for his daughter. With his dying breath, Carl signs his own clipboard and pulls out another bomb package, letting it detonate in his hands, blowing him into pieces.

Battle StyleEdit

Carl has 3 attacks. The first includes him firing his shotgun in which Chuck can dodge during the battle. His second attack is his melee which involves him hitting Chuck with his shotgun. This will only happen if Chuck gets too close to him. His last attack is where he will throw explosive packages at Chuck which usually only happen after he hits Chuck with his melee.

Sandbox ModeEdit

Carl is one of the crazed survivors Frank can fight in Sandbox Mode. He will spawn in front of The Man's Sport in Royal Flush Plaza. Once defeated he drops his shotgun and $25,000. Carl may also drop the psychopath clothing, if the player did not obtain them through the story mode already.[Verification needed]


  • Carl is one of the few psychopaths in Dead Rising 2 to attack Chuck on semi-legitimate grounds. He genuinely believes Chuck to be responsible for the zombie outbreak, and otherwise simply wishes to continue delivering the mail, which he was unable to do when Chuck nearly killed him and destroyed his mailcart with one of his mailbombs. Although the fact that he has plentiful mail bombs on hand might imply otherwise, they might be for self-defense against zombies, looters, and even potentially other Psychopaths.
  • Carl's character is a nod toward the term "going postal", meaning to go violently insane as a result of stress. This phrase originated from the stereotype that postal workers are more likely to snap than the average civil-servant, as a result of their low morale. Ironically, he is quite the opposite of this phrase, as he is so dedicated to his job and his morale is so high because of his love and passion for his job that he continues to deliver mail in the middle of a Zombie Outbreak.
    • He will sometimes yell the phrase when throwing mail bombs.
Dead rising carl dead rising pen
  • Carl has a pen with the Dead Rising 2 logo on it, as seen when he asks Chuck to sign for the Zombrex.
  • He is the only psychopath to be a civil servant.
  • Even if Katey has turned, Chuck will still say he needs the Zombrex for his daughter in the ending cutscene.
  • Carl has a tattoo of his postal service's logo on his arm. However a full portrayal of Carl's arm shows that it's a bald eagle in the style of the company's logo. The actual logo as shown on his uniform and bag is a mule/donkey.
  • Carl's boss music title is Postman.
  • Carl is similar to Steven Chapman from the first game, both wield shotguns, both being very attached to their jobs, and attacking the protagonist for reasons related to their jobs. Steven attacked Frank because he believed that Frank was going to vandalize his store, and Carl attacked Chuck because he destroyed his mailcart, alongside genuinely believing that he caused the outbreak.
  • Carl, also, is similar to Cletus Samson from first game, both have a shotgun to use against protagonist. Also, both of them names and surnames begin with "C" and "S".
  • Carl appears on the icon symbol for the achievement Camera Crazy in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, his body is blown up and all that remains are his work boots that score Brutality when photographed. The same thing happens with Sgt. Dwight Boykin.
  • Carl is voiced by Samuel Vincent, the real life brother of Gabe Kouth, who voiced Evan MacIntyre and Johnny James.
    • Samuel Vincent is also known for voicing the Australian cartoon character Shezow as well as performing as Sonic the Hedgehog's singing voice in the animated series Sonic Underground. He is also very well-known for voicing Double D in the widely popular Canadian-American animated television series Ed, Edd n Eddy.



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