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Carlito's Hideout is a Dead Rising secret refuge in the North Plaza.

It is located next to the Huntin' Shack (N127) in empty store N126.[1] Isabela Keyes opens the hideout for the first time in Case 8-2: Hideout. The large room is only accessible by climbing boxes then lifting a ceiling trapdoor.

Carlito and Isabela hide out here during their stay in the mall. They have set up a base-of-operations in the ventilation level above the stores in the North Plaza. Their hideaway had supplies such as food and water, computers, and blankets. This area was accessible by climbing boxes and lifting a ceiling trapdoor; this being too complicated for the zombies to reach them, and secretive enough so nobody could find them. Their hideout was also strategically placed next to the gun shop, which explains why Carlito and Isabela were able to obtain their variety of guns.

There is a series of catwalks inside the space between the ground and the ceiling, with a workspace at the end. Carlito kept his laptop here which had all of his diabolical plans, when Isabela cracked the password, she was able to learn of Carlito's plan involving the infected orphans. The room plays an important part in the story in the last stages of 72 Hour Mode and most of Overtime Mode.

The Persian rug in the hideout is a save point.[2]

Alternate Entrance[]

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There are two entrances to the hideout, the hideout can also be accessed from N125, by jumping on the stacked boxes.


  • The rug in the hideout is only one of two places where Frank can lie down to save, the other being the sofa in the security room.
  • In Infinity Mode, Carlito's Hideout is the only accessible area where neither psychopaths nor survivors spawn.
  • With only two possible ways to die (zombification in Overtime Mode and starvation in Infinity Mode), Carlito's Hideout is the safest area in the game.



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