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"Hey, over here! Over here!"
—Carlos, before being killed by Leon

Carlos Mertiz is a victim appearing in Dead Rising 2. He was killed by Leon Bell in the mission Meet the Contestants.

Meet the Contestants[]

Carlos is found wandering in the Platinum Strip. As Chuck talks with his rival Leon, Carlos waves them down, shouting for help. Leon revs up his Slicecycle and heads towards him. Carlos catches on quick and attempts to make a run for it, but Leon swiftly runs the bike's blades through his torso, slicing him in half. Leon's crazed rationale is that humans are worth "more points" than zombies as they "move around too much". It is impossible to save Carlos, as he is killed during the cutscene at the beginning of this mission.


  • His notebook entry shows him wearing sunglasses, though he is not seen wearing any in the cutscene. However, if he is spawned into the game using mods, he wears sunglasses.[1]
  • When using mods, if Carlos is spawned into the game, instead of standing inert and idle like all other survivors and psychopaths, Carlos will actively run after Chuck and attempt to beat and kill him, regardless of where he is located and thus making him indeed "loco" as is stated in the notebook. It is possible that Carlos was originally going to be a psychopath.[2]This is due to the fact that in the game files, Carlos was given the properties of Ted . He has the same voice,the same speed of walking, he also can't attack zombies and be defected, and he has the same scripted aggression towards the player as Ted.
    • Alternatively, this could mean he was intended to be a hostile survivor that Chuck would have to beat up to save, similar to Stuart Holmes. Another possibility, due to the fact that he shares some of Ted's coding, is that he was originally supposed to serve Ted's role in the game.
  • His model is the same as Jack Ellis's, only slightly recolored.
  • If you use the mod to change the model of a character that appears in the cutscenes to a model of Carlos, then this character in the cutscene will have a model of Carlos with glasses, as in the photo in the notebook
  • Carlos shares some similarities with Sid from Dead Rising, as both are killed by people in vehicles and neither of their bodies spawn where they are killed.



  1. This is due to coding found in data/cinematics/cinematics.big/078_ultimate_fan_intro.txt that controls the cutscene:
    	cCineHideMeshEvent svr_glasses_hide_1
    		Actor = "srv_carlos"
    		Duration = "140"
    		Mesh = "geo_sunglassesShape"
    		Time = "0"
  2. Coding to place Carlos in the Lush-ious Lady mission in missions.txt:
    cMissionSpawnNPC Carlos
    	PropState = "-2"
    	DefaultBehaviour = "Idle"
    	NPCName = "srv_carlos"
    	SpawnPoint = "-312, -5.6, -76"

    Carlos' behavior is due to this code shared by srv_ted in the section under items.txt:

    	cHostileBehaviour TedAggressive4
    		Condition = "1"
    	cMeleeAttackBehaviour TedMelee5